Stream of Consciousness

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Shadow Poetry


out of the darkness, they came

like lightning bolts of flame


we ran and ran, but lost our grip

beware, beware, that gradual slip


take one wrong turn, my dear

that’s all it takes, out there, in here


its not a choice, not conscious, at least

choose today, to ruin or feast



Shadow Poetry

behind the door

where there’s a little magic

there’s a little more


and if you can find a single reason

you can find it behind a door


like a butterfly’s wing –

you can’t touch it


but if you keep looking

you’ll find a key to fit


it isn’t made of gold or glowing

but if you listen ever so closely


it will speak into your fear

in wails and whispers, mostly


but beware, listen carefully

and start at step one


or one day you’ll wake up

questioning what you’ve done


in a place you don’t know

with more questions than one


like, where is all your skin

and why are you holding a gun?


Stream of Consciousness

Write What You Want

…. yeaaaaaaah…


Okay, I know, I know.

That’s my problem.

I’ve been writing for others for so long that I forgot how to spin a story from my own mind.

And now that I actually want to write for me

I don’t know what story I want to tell.

I could literally write anything. About a pear that hitched a ride with an outer space alien and robbed a liquor store. Only, turns out that outer space alien had been living in pear’s backyard as a stalker for seven years, isn’t an alien, and definitely kidnapped a real alien in order to steal it’s intelligence and technology. And who knows what the fake alien wants with pear.

But do I care?


Let me tell you, no, I do not care.


And I don’t know what I want to write.

I don’t know what stories I care about now.


Interesting thing is

this doesn’t bother me.

It’s a stepping off point.

A cliff that isn’t actually a cliff.

It’s a new beginning.

A blank page.

I get to do whatever I want with it.



Stream of Consciousness

you know it, i know it, let’s all take a nap

get out of your own way

YOU know what you need

YOU know what you want

you know what your heart and mind are fighting for within you


the hard thing is


is easier said than done


and the world?

there are nasty people that want to make it harder for you

people who want to crush you

step on you

confuse you until you don’t know who YOU are


but you have your own power

it might not feel like it

it might feel like you cannot wield it

but you can

somewhere, deep down, you know you can

even if it’s a shriveled little lump of dead, unused muscle

you can exercise it

get stronger


and let’s not forget

there are GOOD people too

people who want to love you

support your, empower you

there’s hope

you just have to find it, fight for it

and learn to rest