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‘Cuz Tim Burton Said So

“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.”

– Tim Burton

My reality is pretty crazy and that’s how I like it. So why not add a blog?

I plan on blogging about everything under the sun (or, at least, under the part that shines down on my disturbed noggin) that catches my attention and ignites something emotional inside me. As well as all things I go through and experiment with while working on writing my current novels, writing up query letters to send to literary agents, searching for literary agents; yada, yada, yada, all that follows in the ‘trying to get published’ world.

So what has my attention right now? That would be the word “croatoan”, carved into the wood of a tree on a deserted island. This had plagued the minds of many for years, without yielding any factual results to which everyone agrees.

I once read a book (Phantoms by Dean Koontz) that had a paranormal creature who slept most of it’s life (thank the heavens!) but decided to come topside and have a snack every now and again. The only semi-nice thing I have to say about this creature is this: at least it didn’t play with it’s food for TOO long. Us humans turned out to be its food, chaos ensued, and the book had me struggling to put it down. But it only made me more curious about disappearing peoples, specifically leading that of the “croatoan” mystery. My interest had survived through to the present.


In 1587 English settlers arrived at Roanoke Island in North Carolina. To put it quickly, a man named John White returned on August 18, 1590 to find the place completely deserted. No sign of where the people had gone remained, minus the word “croatoan” carved into a tree.

What’s more, in 1586, an English explorer by the name of Richard Grenville stopped on the same Island (Roanoke). He left behind fifteen men to claim the land for England while he left to retrieve more settlers. When John White made it there in 1587, only one year later, he found the bones of one man, and no sign of the others.

RANDOM things like this, which I want to do plenty of research on in the future, will probably pop up a lot here. Along with book reviews, info on how to query literary agents, research which I HAVE done, and stray thoughts, interests, and theories of mine.

In the meantime, what are your theories about the “croatoan” mystery??? *No, i’m not going to steal your idea. I’d ask to use it and credit you for it before even considering it. I’m pretty sure lawsuits SUCK.* So throw your ideas at me – the stranger the idea, the better!

20 thoughts on “‘Cuz Tim Burton Said So

  1. From what I recall reading on this, mysterious gray eyed Native Americans showed up in nearby tribes not long after that. Genetically impossible gray eyes. So my best theory is that they were absorbed into the tribe. The colonists simply didn’t want to admit it because they couldn’t believe ‘civilized white people’ would join the ‘savages’. Apparently – though we don’t learn this in school most of the time – it was a common problem for people to run off and join native tribes. It got so bad they made it illegal in some colonies.

  2. As far as “the stranger the better”, I’d go with alien abduction, and they’re being returned to us, one at a time, as musicians. Elvis and Cindi Lauper both come to mind…

    1. Ha! That’s great! I’ve never heard that one before. I’ve heard Elvis as being explained away as a vampire but never an alien! And Cyndi Lauper’s crazy hair would justify another planet…but in a good way 😉 Thanks!

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I plan on doing one to two posts a week, depending on what I post and what mood I’m in. For instance, if I do a book review, I’ll probably do a second post later in the week. I have a pretty vast area of interests. I should probably put that on my “Who I Am” page so people know what to expect…. I hope you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

  3. There is another book titled BENEATH THE DARK ICE by Grieg Beck about the whole Croatoan mystery. You might want to check that one out too.

  4. Good topic. My mom’s family (Truebloods) settled in that vicinity in the 1600s, so that’s one of those mysteries I grew up with. The latest theory I saw (just a couple of days ago) was that, based on an old map, the inhabitants had moved further inland. Definitely a possibility. Maybe they were tired of dodging hurricanes there on the coast. Another theory I’ve seen is that they were ravaged by disease and what few survived were absorbed by local tribes. Possible. Or maybe they were simply wiped out by a tribe not pleased with their new neighbors. I have no idea, obviously, of what the correct answer is, but it is one of those enduring mysteries that I can’t help but enjoy pondering.

    1. Thank you 🙂 That’s so neat! I bet you heard some pretty crazy theories, living where you did. All three of the above would make sense to me. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, I just wonder why on earth they carved a word on a tree and left no other signs behind. I also love to hear any theory that’s creepy. That would be the overactive imagination and paranormal story lover in me. I didn’t know they were still actively trying to find out what happened until you said you saw a new theory though… I like the tribe idea. Not many people go with that one from what I’ve read. I also want to look into a few other tribes and towns that seemingly disappeared over night that I’ve heard mentioned before. Thanks for the info!

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