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Inspiring and Lovely

I have been inspired by loads of people and I find that each person that does so is normally oblivious of just how inspiring they really are. I mean, here they are, bringing something to my mind that I possibly wouldn’t have been inspired to think, decide, contemplate on (etc.) otherwise – and they’re going on like I’m not sitting here with a light bulb on top of my head.

About a week and a  half ago I was awarded with the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Now I wish I had stickers of the award so I could go back and  post it on the foreheads of those who have inspired me. That way they would know that it meant something to me. 🙂

So, I’d like to thank everyone that has inspired me! Whether it be in person, or by something they wrote or did. Whatever the case, a major thank you!











The rules for the two awards are pretty much the same – so I’m going to combine them. (I honestly don’t think I can come up with more than 7 things about myself!)

The Rules are Thus:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 blogs that inspire you and let them know in a comment on their blog.

Awesome woman who sent me the Inspiring award: Jessica. She blogs about her life with her ever adorable Taylor. If you haven’t checked her blog out, by all means do! 🙂  http://iadoptedadog.wordpress.com/

Awesome woman who sent me the Lovely Blog award: http://marissafh.com/ . She blogs about many different things and posts beautiful photos! You should definitely check it out!


Fifteen Blogs that Inspire Me/Are Lovely:

http://fostrickson.wordpress.com/ – She’s got a great sense of humor and loves her pets to pieces!

http://comicbelief.wordpress.com/ – Okay, I know she’s new, but I couldn’t resist! Go read her first two posts.

http://workthedream.wordpress.com/ – As far as inspiration goes – she sums it up quite nicely!

http://augustmclaughlin.wordpress.com/ – Whether you’re a writer or not, this blog has some really good posts! She covers a lot of topics and non-writers can just scroll past the writing ones. Its really worth it.

http://stephenmphotography.wordpress.com/ – He has beautiful photography!

http://descentintoslushland.wordpress.com/ – His blog is great for writers at any stage! He’s a motivated individual.

http://cherylfassett.wordpress.com/ – The first post I read by her was “Quit Playing By the Rules”. Need I say more?

http://thebackgroundstory.com/ – Okay, I haven’t quite figured them out as I just found them, but as far as I can tell, they’re a bunch of random posts from their book(s)? It’s still pretty cool!

http://chasingthecrazies.wordpress.com/ – She is hosting a series of interviews by writers who recently became represented. That’s inspiring. 🙂 Oh, and I was initially drawn in by the name of her blog.

http://newsofthetimes.org/ – If you like to discuss or simply read up on what is in the news as of late, here you go.

http://thekingdomofeternalnight.wordpress.com/ – Awesome pictures! Sometimes she posts quotes as well.

http://littlecrumcreek.wordpress.com/ – First things I noticed here were photos of spiders, snakes, and butterflies. And tada, Daphne was hooked.

http://kimberlypackard.wordpress.com/ – Writer. I love her sense of humor!

http://teenfictionbooks.wordpress.com/ – I am not biased whatsoever by the fact that we went to middle school together. Its due to her loathing for the impeding domination of e-books that I give her this award. Also, if any of you crazies like the Hunger Games, I’ve noticed some amazing fan art on her blog and she seems to know a lot about the books.

http://householdartsandscience.wordpress.com/ – Jane of all trades. Hopefully that works for that phrase…

  • I know some people don’t do the whole “blog award” thing, but when you give a blog award it means you liked what you saw. A lot. Its all about human interaction people and things are only as important as you decide they are. So, if you don’t want to make a post on the award, just take this as a compliment and don’t worry about it. 😉 No hurt feelings here. Just know that I like your blog.

7 Things about Me:

  1. I love whiteboards! When I wake up in the middle of the night and have that perfect idea (that I will forget within the next three seconds) I can just jot it down. Also, they serve as a back up to my memory.
  2. I love sticky notes! Without them (and whiteboards) I would never remember anything.
  3. I’m a perfectionist and a neat freak.
  4. I hit my big toe so  hard while exercising with the heel of my opposite foot that the toenail turned purple and fell off six months later. I kept telling people that my toe fell off. I didn’t realize I forgot to say nail for a while every time I did this. The looks I got were hilarious!
  5. I have never remembered a dream where I dreamt in black and white. I didn’t know until recently that most people don’t dream in color.
  6. I strongly believe that murder and killing in self defense are two different things and that belittling or condemning those who have killed another in self defense is cruel. Sometimes it is the only way to get away alive. This has been a really big issue lately and I don’t understand why so many say they would not fight back to defend the lives of themselves or the lives of others.
  7. If a movie doesn’t have a good ending, I don’t care how awesome the movie was – I won’t like it (loved Snow White and the Huntsmen!).

29 thoughts on “Inspiring and Lovely

  1. Daphne — I am sorry to be such a straggler on this! Your award was tucked away from the main page and I didn’t even see it until this past weekend. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you! I really needed that – the last couple weeks have been filled with health issues with mom and my poor little blog is feeling neglected. Thanks for the kick in the butt to get back out there. Will post on the awards later today. 🙂

  2. Yeah! Yahoo! & Congratulations!

    May I presume, then, that you also have computer sticky notes? They are pretty cool. Mine also have a little alarm setting so that the sticky note pops up at the appropriate time to remind me of something.

    1. Oh my goodness, I never even thought about this! I always knew phones and ipods had them but that held no appeal to me. My brain never brought up the computer! Thank you!

      1. I hate it when a business changes names!
        I googled “sticky note app for computer” and found a pretty good list that I’m going to check out. Let me know if you find the one you use. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Thank you, Daphne. All those spiders, snakes, and thinks along Little Crum Creek are a great inspiration to me. I’m really glad you found us and truly appreciate your visits!

  4. thank you so much, lovely 🙂 I would do this thing in return, but alas, I don’t read many blogs b/c I’m so busy with schoolwork! I only have time to update my own haha 😀 But thanks again bestie, and I shall make sure to mention your blog too this week 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the mention, Daphne! I’m very eager to check out the blogs you mentioned and get further inspiration to put pen to paper! Also, your #1 and #2 are exactly MY methods to remember information as well! I think people like us are more visual learners. Maybe the kinesthetic act of writing helps as well with retaining the information.

    1. I think you’re totally right! Writing something out always makes it easier to remember. And that way all of my thoughts aren’t swimming around in my head, banging into each other! They’re written down and I don’t have to worry about forgetting them. Plus, physically seeing something always helps me.

  6. I’m so honored, Daphne. Thank you! Eager to check out the other links. Congrats on your award, too—well-deserved.

    Your toe nail story made me guffaw, loudly. I had a similar experience the night before a tap-dance play I was in opened years ago. Pretty sure I explained it right, but was not pretty or fun. Oh, and I’m with you on #6.

  7. Daphne, you flatter me. There is a refreshing honesty which permeates through your words, like a ray of sunshine through a gloomy room. It’s what brought me here, and keeps me coming back. I’m looking forward to where your journey takes you. Help is only a shout away, if you ever need any. All you have to do is ask.

    Thank you for the award, but you know it’s the person behind the award that matters more to me. I only hope I can live up the inspiring tag.

    1. A major thank you!!!
      _I love the motivation and endurance you have with your writing – it shows in your posts, which inspires me. So, I’d say you already do live up to it. 🙂
      _Once I get through this rough draft I’ll take you up on that. It’s nice to have someone experienced who I can ask. Your offer is much appreciated!

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