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Hindsight is 20/20

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?”
– Albert Einstein


I love that quote.

Let’s face it; none of us really know what we’re doing. Life is research. That’s what makes it so perfect. It’s a jumbled imperfect mess of emotions and desires and strangeness. Its love, pain, and confusion and needs, uncertainty, fear and happiness and complexities that you can’t always put words to.

That’s one I’m particularly bad at; putting words to what I feel. Articulating what goes on in my head is not the simplest thing and if it’s attached to an emotion, I’m doomed. I get too wordy and people most likely get irked and move on.

So how then, am I planning on becoming an author? I suppose it’s one of those ever conflicting contradictions I play home to. I don’t have that problem with my writing. It all just comes to me, but then again that’s because what I’m writing isn’t about me, isn’t it?

Jumping around – because I’m quite indecisive today… I’ve been told that I should tell people what’s going on with me, that people want to know how my writing is going and what else is going on in my slice of life. Well, okey dokey, I suppose I could do that. I’ll stick to what’s new.



  1. I’ve axed my WIP #2, as it became doomed once I had to delete over fifty pages. I rewrote the first chapter and a completely new character formed. I love her personality but I have no plot to go with her. So – backburner for now.
  2. Instead, there’s another story I can’t wait to begin writing. This will now be my WIP #2. I’ve done more in depth plotting than I’ve done before and I’m confident that it will make writing easier and allow me to keep the enthusiasm. Like I said on WANAtribe, when I have my plot down, I’m thinking I can’t wait to write this instead of what am I going to write next?

I need to do some in depth character building before I get to the writing however.

I’ve never done anything with character building before (no stoning me – this will only be my second and third novel) and I like the idea of it.

  1. WIP #1 is a difficult one to describe right now. I’ve recently discovered that I chickened out and didn’t write the truth of the story – I will have lots to do in revisions. Also, I didn’t do any character building before I began writing it and I’m feeling the repercussions now. That too will add to longer revisions.

But I’m more excited about writing it and doing the characters justice, now that I know I’ll be getting out what I should have been the first go around.

Hindsight is 20/20.

Also, I’m no photographer, but I love taking pictures. A dragonfly meandered into the backyard a few days ago and I took a few pictures. The rest came out with the colors showing but the sun wasn’t beaming me in the face for three of them and so all I got was a shadow effect. Two are below –  I really like the detail of the wings that shows. I loved dragonflies as a child and used to collect dead ones that I found.

And that sounds really creepy.













Lastly, I joined WANAtribe a few days ago. Has anyone else decided to join? Its for all creative types; bloggers, authors, artists, photographers, etc. A place where we can all join tribes, jabber amongst ourselves, and let creativity and inspiration breed. I’m loving it so far.

I hope none of you are as indecisive as me today! 😀

30 thoughts on “Hindsight is 20/20

    1. Ha – I feel exactly the same way! They know how to articulate better than me and they live in my head.
      Thank you – I love WANA and I’ve only known about it for a month or so!

  1. Each time you write it is an exercise in learning. I have three incomplete ms. As I started writing I would learn more about characters or plotting. It took me three years and four attempts to get the story complete. Keep writing…it gets easier…kind-of. The biggest help has been talking to other writers and finding your not alone in your struggles. Great Post.

    1. I find that it doesn’t discourage me. I’m excited to do work on plotting BEFOREHAND and not as I go, as well as developing my characters. No one gets it spot on during the first draft. 😉
      And yes, I have a great insight into my MC now. So it wasn’t a waste.
      Thank you for your encouragement. I think you’re completely right! Talking to other writers is a crazy helpful thing. I know its helped my writing.

  2. I really liked this post. Honest, thoughtful, gave me some insight to you, and encourage me in my own writing. I’ll be interested to see how you progress. Be sure to blog about it. And by the way, what do you write? Fantasy, scifi, YA, what?

    1. Wow – thank you! I wasn’t sure if blogging about where I’m at would interest people AT ALL, so your input is helpful! Really, really helpful!

      I write fantasy and sci-fi. I include paranormal and horror in that too. Normally paranormal is included with fantasy but lately everyone has confused me on this subject. – So you get the long description. :/

      I don’t write young adult – I think I’ve read all of five YA books in my life. I just can’t get into them. Not to say that they’re bad. Ironically, I have liked some movies that were based on YA novels. (Like Blood and Chocolate.)

  3. i feel you on looking at your first only to realize the key words are “first” “draft” .. maybe think of it as a sketch. you gotta get it out in order to see the strength and weaknesses before you put paint to canvas.

    i’m going to rewrite my entire novel. i’ve sat down three times to begin. each time i sit down i realize i’m stretching. warming up if you will. a book is a strange and fascinating master. it’s teaching me about patience, commitment, and integrity.

    but there’s one thing of which i am certain and it’s that every step of the process is part of the journey. i’ve finally decided to be down for the means and not the ends. faith is easier than doubt. passion and dedication and humility carry us through. and talent aint nothinn to sneeze bout.

    you got that. keep on keepinn onn

    1. I love the way you put that – its a sketch. That feels so very true with this novel, or what I have of it so far.
      It isn’t really the first draft, just a way of putting my ideas down and starting character building, looking into who she is (my MC).
      I do believe you hit this on the head perfectly for me. I’ve done a pretty good sketch. Now I can plot knowing what won’t work and what I want to build on. And where I need to decided on something utterly different – which is something I’m going to be doing a lot of.
      Oh yes, patience attacks all writers! Commitment is pretty easy for me – I’m stubborn.
      Thank you very much. 🙂 I will, and your encouragement and openness helps more than you know. That’s something rare.

      1. we shall start a mutual admiration society ~*~

        i think it’s brilliant that you can see structure and plotting. this is something that i cannot see in creation, in life, nor in romantic relationships. i have some sort of intrinsic aversion to the idea of knowing where i am going, though intellectually i am starting to understand that this can be highly problematic.

        though perhaps what it is is that we all must find our own way, and discover our process, and allow our process to evolve so as your art and lives unfold, we can experience them as a means and not an ends.

        cheers ~*~

      2. I originally didn’t plot. It didn’t go well. Then I kind of plotted. That didn’t go too well either. I finally agreed with myself (because I argue with myself all the time) that I will plot as little as possible so as not to staunch creativity, freedom, or spontaneity – but I will plot well enough to know the bare bones of where my novel will start, get through the middle at, and end.

        If I don’t have some kind of outline I usually fail. The actual setup of questions I ask myself is something I’m going to blog on soon (but no promises as of when cuz I’m all over the place eek!) and is simple really. I don’t really want to know everything that is going to happen before I sit down to write.

        I think you’re right. We all have to find what works for us. I don’t even think the same way of plotting will work for all of the stories in my head. But we’ll see.

        I read somewhere that one of my favorite authors sits down with no idea what she’s going to write each day. I think its up to each person to find through trial and error what helps them pull the story in their hearts out enough to be written in words.


      3. i just started reading “The Spooky Art” Norman Mailler. i am not a Mailer fan but the title grabbed me (of course) and he wrote the book approaching 80, about all he had learned about novel writing. it’s amazing, deep, funny, insightful, and most of all, i don’t find myself disagreeing. i haven’t gotten far but what i had read, i highly recommend.

        it’s helpful to see how someone who has made novel writing his life speak about the many aspects of it in a non-didactic way ..


    2. Great suggests and empathy – sketch, stretch, means. And you Miss Rosen enjoy running that stylists comb through the paragraphs again; teased to near-perfectly coiffed. (Even if going for some dark Goth medusa headdress – Taste and Colors, subjective; whatever works? I appreciate your comment and empathy to Daphne et al who had the pleasure to share.

      1. thank you ~*~

        love that you should mention medusa as a headdress considering my curls coil like snakes. it is as i believe, the ethernet is of one mind, i love how this works ..


  4. Hi Daphne, your emotions are what make you a good writer, don’t put yourself down you are doing just fine. I am so glad you joined WANA, good luck with all your writing.

    1. Thank you so very much. 🙂
      Yes, I’m loving WANA! I must admit that I’ve ignored the computer for the past four days straight across the board, yikes! Have you joined WANA?

  5. I too have trouble putting words to what I feel when I’m speaking, but somehow writing it makes it flow so much better. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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