Stream of Consciousness

the Urge to Zombie

Have you ever had one of those weeks? No – months, yeah.

You ever had one of those months?

You know – where you’re scattered. All over the place. Here, there, a bit behind that tree over there too, down the street?

Up, down, sideways, crooked, this way, that way, upside down and oh – inside out maybe.

Your mind’s on this and your mind’s on that and you’re being pulled into eighty thousand pieces all at once. And you haven’t the foggiest clue as to which way is correct.






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Shadow Poetry

the Valley

Living in Shadows


Inbetween I thrive

Among their scrawl of shades                     

I am broken glass

(They’ll not dirty their hands)


Not in your Ivory World of Distortions

Not past the Obsidian Veil


Inbetween Silence and Truth

Hope and the Destruction

The odd swelling of hearts long ago shattered and counted

among the Lost


I’m not breathing


Can you see past the blood?

The lies…


Voices call

Tears fall

Search to be

But cannot see


This valley of Bled Dreams

Tainted through waves of panic

My fragile wings flutter


The Broken understand

Only the strange know

And this pain


Free me

And the wind whispers

But I am alone

Among phantasm

The Black Shade Living in Death’s plane where only a few reside


Sow into My Skin

Learn to breathe again

Welcome to My Shaded World of the Strange

the Valley by Daphne Shadows
Stream of Consciousness

Suffer Well

Lovely, isn’t it?

Suffer well. Who wants to suffer? No one does.

But what does that mean, really?

Never despair; but if you do, work on in despair.

-Edmund Burke

That’s what it means to me.

The opposite of suffering is thriving. Is happiness. Something so elusive yet so convoluted, misused, and hated via jealousy.

Happiness is something harder to describe than “suffer well”, I’m afraid.  Again – to me.

No one will always be happy. Times will never be perfect. Things in your life will happen that make you hate, cry, fear, loathe, cry out, miss times passed, wish for something more – something better, something happy.

But we cannot all have it go our way all the time. And life is a messy mash-up of, simply put, everything.

Give it your all.

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Stream of Consciousness

Goals + Purpose = Escaping Psychosis

Today I find myself having an off day, so please do excuse any strange or ‘off’ vibes. It’s one of those days where I feel off kilter, like I’m floating around in space and I’ve forgotten how to do every day things properly. Like walking, being sociable, not starting things on fire, etc.

Sleep deprivation at is best, I’m afraid.

I wish I was doing this

But on with it…

Goals are a vast subject. In this post I’m addressing my weekly writing goal and then my blogging goals in general. They tie in… obviously.

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Stream of Consciousness

Mi Amor / My Passion

I was going to write about genre today. Then I got to thinking about all the specifics and generalities, all the ‘rules’ of writing, and about the craft and how you’ll always be perfecting it, never fully perfect.

Then I generally felt kind of dumb.

Here I am thinking about all these rules, rigid and cold.

Where’s the emotion?

Why did I start writing?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because I enjoy it.

I read a blog post yesterday about caring less. I think that’s a really good idea – to care less. About your rough draft writing, that is. I’m sticking to rough drafts here – no pinning me as responsible for blown kitchens. I say you should care about most things. Like hygiene, sleep, and how long ago you turned the oven on.

I love how Cheryl said it. You can find her post here – if you’re a writer, or anyone who isn’t enjoying doing what they once did, I suggest you read it. She talks about how we should stop caring about how this sentence looks, perfecting this chapter, stop caring that this isn’t the perfect word, while we’re sitting down to simply write the rough draft. If you do, you’ll never get anywhere and the enjoyment you could have gotten from writing will be sucked away into a dismal abyss of nothingness.

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