Triquetra Symbolism

When most people think about the triquetra design, they instantly think of the TV show “Charmed”. If not, they at least think about magick, witches, and Wiccans, and spells. But really, the triquetra was created by the Celts a long time ago and is now being used as a symbol by many. More on “Charmed”, magick, and Wiccans in a minute.

Hold your ponies; I can only spew words through my fingers so quickly, you know.

The Celts have a few different knots which resemble the triquetra. They have some intersecting meanings but each has its own purpose; its own base symbolism. For now, I’m strictly giving you information on the triquetra. Not anything that resembles it.

In Latin, triquetra means “three cornered”.

This symbol is also called the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.



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