Triquetra Symbolism

When most people think about the triquetra design, they instantly think of the TV show “Charmed”. If not, they at least think about magick, witches, and Wiccans, and spells. But really, the triquetra was created by the Celts a long time ago and is now being used as a symbol by many. More on “Charmed”, magick, and Wiccans in a minute.

Hold your ponies; I can only spew words through my fingers so quickly, you know.

The Celts have a few different knots which resemble the triquetra. They have some intersecting meanings but each has its own purpose; its own base symbolism. For now, I’m strictly giving you information on the triquetra. Not anything that resembles it.

In Latin, triquetra means “three cornered”.

This symbol is also called the Trinity Knot or Celtic Triangle.




Three interlocked loops, creating the intersection of three circles. There is no beginning and no end to the knotwork. Sometimes a circle around the three loops is added.


This is where the protection, infinite, and eternity theory comes into play. A circle is drawn around the triquetra to signify spiritual unity. This is a protection circle; something that cannot be broken.



There is certainly more than one meaning of the triquetra. Sometimes people believe it to mean more than one thing, others use it for only one purpose at a time, and some believe it to always and forever mean only one thing. It depends on the person and the purpose(s).


The Celts worshiped a moon goddess who was a trio goddess. She was associated with the lunar phases; when the moon was waxing, waning, and full.

Another trio goddess associated with the triquetra is the Celtic goddess Morrighan (who I can’t wait to write a novel based on!).

Symbol of Odin (a Celtic god).

Another possibility is a connection to the three Fates, of Greek Mythology.


  • mind, body, soul (spirit)
  • maiden, mother, crone
  • past, present, future
  • thought, feeling, emotion
  • Father, Son, Holy Ghost
  • creation, preservation, destruction
  • earth, air, water – three forces of nature
  • life, death, rebirth


  • infinite and eternity
  • protection
  • equality
  • divine femininity



In the TV show, the triquetra represented the “Power of Three”. It was shown on the Halliwell’s Book of Shadows, the collar of their familiar cat, and their spirit board (Ouija board).

In the show, they used a triquetra with a circle around it. It was a pretty big part of the show’s symbolism, I do believe.



The simple fact is this: no one can 100% know who created the triquetra, when, or for what purpose. We can’t even know for a surety what it meant to them.

Some Christian faiths claim that their monks created the triquetra to try and convert the Celts to Christianity.

The Celts claim to have created it themselves, for their own purposes. They also claim that the Christians of that time used it to their advantage, to try and make them see things their way.

Archeological digs are adding more insight into this mystery. Like the ones in Europe where the triquetra was carved into stones that dated back to 1,000 AD. The triquetra has been found carved onto rune stones in Europe and on German currency. Also, the triquetra is mentioned in the “Book of Kell”, created by the Scotts around 800 AD.



Here again, let it be known that I have nothing against Wiccans, Christians, or Pagans, I simply want to clarify something.

I have a triquetra pendant. When I wear it, people most often assume this means I’m Wiccan. I’m not. The triquetra is not a wiccan symbol. It is a symbol created by the Celts.

Used by first the Celts; then the Pagans, then the Christians, then the Wiccans, and now a whole slew of people.

Wiccans, Pagans, Christians, and all others use the triquetra as a symbol. I think that’s pretty cool, myself. But just because someone is wearing a triquetra pendant, doesn’t mean they’re Wiccan, doesn’t mean they’re Pagan, doesn’t mean they’re Christian. It doesn’t mean they’re going to go home and brew up a spell in a black cauldron or sacrifice your cat to the Goddess of Evilness (yes, I just made that up). It doesn’t mean they’re even Celtic. It doesn’t really mean anything really, they could have bought it because they liked the knotwork.

Never assume. You never know what meaning and/or purpose an object has for a person.





Some conspiracy theorists have deemed the triquetra the physical manifestation of “666”, the symbol for the devil, also known as the number of the beasts’ brand. They claim those wearing the triquetra or those who like it are then Satanists, and they are bringing to life what is written in the Book of Revelations, in the Bible.

To this I say, for the love of all that is good, stop trying to look for evil and negativity so you can brand people minding their own business as evil.



The triquetra reminds me heavily of yin and yang. Balance. Eternity.

I often think of my stages of writing a manuscript as stages the triquetra represents: the beginning , the middle, and the end. When plotting, writing, and the experience as a whole.

I’ve always loved the triquetra as a symbol and hope its reputation doesn’t get tarnished just as the pentagram’s has. That particular issue really irks me.

But I digress…



Druid symbols often have translations about finding balance within oneself. Maybe you’re drawn to the triquetra for a reason.

Is there just one part to you? No.

Maybe there’s three parts to you that are at war and you need to find the balance between them to make peace with who you are. From there, you can find balance in the world you live in and hopefully in nature as well.

Really, no one knows for sure what the triquetra means. But you have the chance to take a Celtic knot and take it for what it’s worth; a symbol of something positive. I can’t give you all the answers. But what I can give you is the information I’ve found. And it’s some pretty cool information if you ask me. I love the triquetra and its symbolism; I’ve always been fascinated by Celtic knotwork and lore and that’s enough for me.

Find what it means to you. Personal translation and usage is what’s most important when concerned with symbols of every kind.


Do you like the triquetra?

Know of any meanings/symbols/purposes I left out?


*** I’ve run across SO many differences among all things Celtic. There are so many opposing facts and opinions and findings that it’s enough to make my head spin. I simply blogged on it because I find it interesting. I am by NO means an expert.


201 thoughts on “Triquetra Symbolism

  1. I have a question I have been drawn to this symbol when I was a child now as an adult I feel a full connection to it I also feel a full connection to lunar moon and the tree of life. I have been plating roses and fruits and veggies which I’ve never done before the grass an tree’s look vivid to me I wake up at 6 am everyday now without an alarm a women told me that I have a Destiny to fulfill and what I am I was born this was an in time I would understand I was wondering how do I find out what she means

  2. Hi. I am Kevin. And love youre article it is right. I am going to tatoo the trinqueta on my body. I also was dramn to it since i was a child. Do you mabey know where would be a good place for a man on the would love your insight. Best wishes Kevin.

  3. Studying symbols i have learned that no one knows exact meaning of these symbols. If conspiracy theorists, its not a theory necessarily, it has something to do with evil why are they not right and you wrong? Lets take for example symbol for ” peace ” from native american people. In Africa they have same symbol but with different meaning. Who´s symbol is right and who´s wrong?

  4. Thank you for writing the article. I understand the Triquetra a little bit better now. I am an ordained Minister and docter of social Anthropology. I am.surprised at all the comments about the Triquetra as being a pagan symbol. I was trained to have an inclusive mentality with regards to other faiths and beliefs. The Triquetra, while having it’s origins in the Celtic society was adopted by more them just the Christian religion. Yes, Christians do suggest it reflex ts the Holy Trinity, however, the symbol has also been taken up by several other faiths. As you stated the symbol has didferent meanings to different peoples. What everyone needs must remember is that dispite our various views on it, the Triquetra a is both beautiful and elegant symbol we can all use.

    1. i am a historian who has studied religions, cultures symbols, the celts as well as ancient Greek, Persian etc, many celts at the time were pagan belief also we need to remember many Celtic women were of Wiccan, the first religion was Hinduism then followed pagan religion and then Christianity took ver stealing some of the pagan belief, the pendant is indeed classed as Wiccan and pagan and well as chirstain religion, but by saying it is not wiccan or pagan is very wrong, it was pagan due to the fact the beliefs of people of that time were pagan/norse even the celts were of pagan belif in the ancient world, and if you look up pgan wiccan symbole thats pendant does come up as pagan wiccan

      1. It is also the symbol for Birth, Death, Rebirth by many.
        I am neither Wiccan nor Pagen but wear my Triquetra proudly as I do believe in reincarnation. I am about 98% Irish and claim my right to wear this symbol representing my personal spiritual and ancestral past.

  5. Hi enjoy reading what u wrote I’m drawn to it as well but I saw the symbol above the nine thones of angels so who knows their is more to it.

  6. I recently got a triqueta tattooed on my forearm, and I had no idea that people could perceive it as a negative. I look at it and I see a balance in oneself, mind body and soul. If one goes out of whack, then so does the whole. That’s when shit usually goes sideways.

  7. I’m not a person who has ever adorned myself w/symbols, jewels etc.but felt so drawn to the trinity knot ( as I call it).. Have heard the whispers of those who think I’m a worshipper of demons.. Also have had many more admires of this simple silver symbol that’s hung from my neck for over 15 yrs.. ( I did research it’s meaning dutifully prior to).. I purchased a young girl who has admired mine since primary school for Christmas this year..As a young teenager I felt She was old enough to care for jewelry..I’ve gave her the History of the symbol.. But wanted to double check my facts.. I feel goodness that I can now give Her more History & meaning thanks to you😉

  8. Thank you for your thoughts. I too find myself strangely drawn to the triquetra. Oftentimes I find myself drawing it in the empty spaces of my notebook, always endeavoring to make it as perfect as I possibly can. Its equilateral configuration, its never ending characteristics… I think perhaps it is its perfection I so much appreciate. Of course, being a Christian, I have some natural biases as to what I believe perfection truly is. It is not difficult to understand, however, how some might embrace it because of whatever perfection means to them. Having said that I found your article very interesting. It is very well written and full of fascinating history. Thank you for writing it. I would like to suggest a volume to you; that is, if you have not already read it: Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. You may be the sort of individual who could appreciate it.

  9. I really like your article. You have a very personal touch to your writing. Thank you for taking the time to do the research you did and then post it. I personally have been drawn to this shape as a child becaus I saw it naturally occur as I was drawing circles. I am now using it as artwork for my first tatto.

  10. I myself love the triquetra and all Celt knots I think they are very beautiful. I am Pagen, bit that’s not why I have it tattedon my arm. My sisters and I yes their are three. We got it as A never endings circle of love of sister hood . No we are not all Pagen one sister is Christian and the other sister really isn’t sure but that’s what we have it tatted on us for and I’m the middle sister mine is purple and blue my oldest sister is blue and pink andy youngest sister is pink and purple. We were it as our love for each other and we all have at least one color forom each sister in ours. It aggravates me because peaple see and assume we all three are Pagen. Then I have to explain what it means to us.

    1. Oh my sisters and my tattoo is on the inside of are left wrist below our palm. I am so glad that we decided to all three get it and it’s on the circle also

  11. I am pagan / wiccan. I mainly worship the Goddess as well as different Celtic, Greek and Norse Gods And Goddesses. Take Odin for instance not only a Celtic God but THE main Norse God and the God of runes. I have a triquetra, with the circle, integrated into a tattoo of NY spirit and totem animal, The Raven (I wouldn’t get just a triquetra tattoo BC it has become such a trend as if late. Seems everyone has one). I also wear the Celtic knot ring and have triquetra about my home as decor. To me, it mainly means PROTECTION. Even though that’s what’s what the pentacle represents as well, there’s just too much ignorance in the world for me to don a pentagram tattoo. The triquetra also signifies the triple Goddess to me (mother, maiden, and crone). I do like your interpretation if the never ending and everlasting. Thank u for this blog! Look forward I reading the Morrighan novel!

  12. I enjoyed your blog! I have always been drawn to them myself- and spirals. I simply like them.
    Thank you!
    And I agree … stop trying to make every little thing negative- sheesh. Live and let live! Coexist❤️

    1. Spirals are wonderful symbols. In case u didn’t know their meaning, if the spiral us clockwise it stands for spirituality. Counter clockwise, rebirth. Beautiful differences in such a subtle change.

  13. I read somewhere that each part represents the female body part conjoined in power of protection. I’ve been told that its specifically a female empowerment symbol.

  14. I’m Scotch-Irish. I have 3 kids. Triquetra means “3-cornered”.
    Without ever knowing its origins, any time I ever see the triquetra it just looks familiar. It speaks to me. I’ve always felt it reflected ME. I’ve never assigned a spiritual association to it. But it reflects ME, better than a monogram. I HATE monograms! THIS is my MONOGRAM!!

    1. To me the triquetra has (of course) three meanings that begin at the center (self) and progressing outward in concentric circles. First, it stands on point and represents a joyful power stance with arms outstretched (similar to a tree rooted with branches raised), Second, as reflecting the three ages of woman – the maid (youth), mother (nurturer), and crone (elder wisdom). Third, it represents our tripartitie home – the earth, sea, and sky (each with their own stories common to every culture).

      Of course this is how I see it and each has their own interpretation.

  15. Your explanation of the triquetra is awesome! I love how you explain the different meanings that are associated with that particular symbol! You explain it with so much personality and non-discrimination. Very helpful and intuitive! Truly awesome descriptions and explanations! Love the way you write!

  16. I am astounded by this, I have a love for all things Celtic due to my ancestry and it’s good to know others have done their research. I grew up in a weird mix family, my father is Christian, my mother is Wiccan and they both argue about the Triquetra and it’s meaning. I bought a Triquetra pendant and had to explain to them the history behind it. The Triquetra, like the much known “Swastika” has been twisted along the ages. I applaud this.

    And I hope to read your Novel on Morrighan, a lot of people have butchered her ideology and her role in Celtic history. Do her some justice will you?

  17. Hi, I’m a little bit worried, can the Triquetra sometimes be a malevolent omen? I found twigs in the shape of a Triquetra a few feet away from a grave of someone in my family that had passed. I’m not usually the superstitious type, but it kind of stood out. I wondering what it could mean. Do you have any ideas?

    1. I’ve always been intrigued by natures art.. Be it hiking through virgin forests, small wooded lots or just walking through my neighborhood..I too have seen these vines twist into the triquetra symbol more times than I can count.. As if it’s trained to do so.. I feel it is in no way shape or form negative just naturally one energy drawn toward other energy.. A scientist I am not.. Just a seeker for positivity.

  18. Hi could you help me , the Celtic eternal love knot offen made into rings to speak of eternal love , does it have a connection to anything bad ? Or evil / devil ?
    I guess intent is everything but if someone was to give me a eternal knot ring ment in kindness but it had sinister other meanings I would rather know.
    Any ideas appreciated thanx a lot .

    1. Nothing bad/evil/malevolent is connected to the eternal knot. If someone is giving it with good intentions then there’s even less to worry about.

  19. Thank you Daphne,Your research on the triquetra has been very helpful and is much appreciated.I just bought myself a red Jasper triquetra pendant,which for me,is symbolic of Creator,Creation,Experience,which is how I personally view God,but as you wrote,every and all interpretation are valid.Blessings.

  20. I got my triquetra about 7 yrs ago & I researched the meaning of it before I did. I originally had seen it on Charmed & just liked the symbol. Once I decided I wanted it I decided to place my sons’ horoscope symbols around it with mine at the top. For me it has several meanings & when people ask me about it I am happy to share that w them. Thanks for writing about it & including the many meanings of this amazing symbol!

  21. Yourlid, the knot is not only for females but also males. If you choose to have it represent family, I don’t see why you couldn’t. Like said earlier, no one really knows the true meaning of this knot. It is never ending, no beginning no ending.

    1. Yourlid, you could do something unique like ask your mother and father what their favorite color is and yours and have the artist color in just the tips of the knot with each color.

  22. I want a symbol tattoo that represents family. cuz I dont want to ink the usual ‘family’ word. so that brought me to triquetra. now I am not sure if I do this simbol it means family, my dad, mom and me ? and I am not sure if it is only for the girls this tattoo cuz it derives from goddesses. so pleasee help me figure it out!! or with other suggestions.

    1. I also had the Triquetra tattooed to my right wrist(below the palm). All I can say is that this symbol is just so unique and very outstanding from other symbols!

      1. I love my triquetra, which I also have on my right wrist. I love how it’s meaning is open to individual interpretation and when I look at it I can’t help but love it. Xx

  23. I have the Triquetra tattooed on my forearm, On the end of each ring I had a rose tattooed to symbolize father, son daughter eternal.

  24. I want to make a correction to this article before it is misread. Odin is not a Celtic God, Odin is a Norse God that is the All father to the halls of Valhalla and Asgard. Please, please make sure you do your research before you misrepresent.

    1. Thank you for your input. A lot of things describe the Norse as being Celtic. I’ve run across SO many differences among all things Celtic. There are so many opposing facts and opinions and findings that it’s enough to make my head spin. I simply blogged on it because I find it interesting. I am by NO means an expert.

  25. I’m afraid there are a few errors in this post that might lead to some confusion:

    1.) The Celts didn’t worship a triune moon goddess. That was something Robert Graves came up with, and as much as I love “I, Claudius,” his writings on mythology, especially Celtic myth, are mostly baloney.

    2.) Odin is not a Celtic god, but a Norse/Germanic one. Despite some slight overlap and similarities between some of the deities (the Irish god Lugh, for example, shows a few Odin-like traits, like carrying a spear and hanging out with ravens), for the most part the Celtic and Germanic peoples had totally separate mythologies.

    3.) To say that the triquetra was “first used by the Celts, then the Pagans, then Christians, then Wiccans” makes no sense. The ancient Celts WERE pagans. So are modern Wiccans, come to think of it.

    1. The triquerta is first seen in old Norse writing. It is not symbolized with Odin however. It is a symbol of Freya. The Norse meaning behind this symbol is mother, children, faith. The Norse symbol for Odin is a Valknut. Three triangles intertwined, it is the mark of the warrior. It is said that this is how the Valkyre would lead the fallen warriors to Vahalla from a battle field.

    2. Thank you for all your input. I’ve run across SO many differences among all things Celtic. There are so many opposing facts and opinions and findings that it’s enough to make my head spin. I simply blogged on it because I find it interesting. I am by NO means an expert.
      (so I’m not being a snot, I really am grateful for the input)

  26. I believe the trinity knot to be a representation of our sight both physical and spiritual. As one of the other guests had pointed out in your face, Daphne. Only it is not to be of the nose, the nose is the mirrored reflection of the third loop which encircles our “third eye” or psychic eye. I have noticed not only in myself but also in friends/family, that we tend to be a bit more intuitive or psychic when holding (wearing) a triquetra. The Trinity knot encircled also happens to resemble other ancient geometrical shapes known to us such as the “flower of life” (very closely resembling the triquetra itself) and fits right in with our known “tree of life” shape that also is found in odd places of our history. Perhaps the trinity knot is to represent the “fruit” from the flower off the tree of life? Nobody knows the answers. I personally wear mine proudly, a gift from my oldest when he visited the beautiful Ireland, and feel it is knot of love each loop representing he and his sisters encircled in my arms of love.. Brightest Blessings to you all and may peace find you. ❤

    1. Ooo, flower of life. And now I have something new to research. Thanks. 😉 Yes, I love my triquetra pendant as well. Yours coming from Ireland and meaning what it does for you, makes it even better. 🙂

  27. I would just like to add a little something in one wiccans don’t sacrifice animals or believe in Satan we believe in peace harmony and balance and The wiccan path is a path of ones spiritual journey to find oneself and if you are celtic you tend to incorporate items that’s mean things to you one of the main paths of wicca is celtic so they do correspond so it’s just a common mistake if someone asks if you’re wiccan and they don’t mean anything by it just trying to connect with people of like paths with love in their heart anyway that’s about it blessed be 🌜🌝🌛

    1. Thanks. 🙂 Yes, I don’t like it when people associate “evil” things with beliefs they simply don’t understand or which have been given a bad reputation in the media.

  28. Totally agree with Lee! Your nose represents the vertical part and your eyes represent the two side parts of the Triquerta. Pretty cool!

  29. Hi Daphne, i noticed your face picture , upside down, at the top right of this page , as beautiful as it would be in any direction, i cant help but notice that the Triquetra symbol appears, to me, to be ” within your face” thats awesome! Has anyone else mentioned this? Does anyone else have this?

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