WordPress vs HubPages

I recently joined HubPages. September 10th to be exact.

I recently deleted my HubPages. September 21st to be exact.


I joined HubPages after doing some research into freelance writing. This didn’t require a Bachelor’s degree. Or travelling. I could write up articles on things I knew about, things that would inform and could help others. Mostly health wise. And then I could apply for certain Ad Programs and gain a small amount of income. Nothing major, but something.

Only, I didn’t realize how stupid of an idea that was until I’d already signed up and started hubbing. There is only one problem with me having a HubPages account.

I have a blog.

There are a few reasons this just doesn’t work for me.


ONE – I am not Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I cannot use a little magick and an hour glass to turn back time, essentially being in two places at once. I also don’t think I would want to try and clone myself. That could get a little freaky. So; time. There’s not enough for both blogging and hubbing. Not for me anyway.
TWO – Duplicate Content; you can’t have it. So say I wanted to share some of the research I did on tricksters with hubbers – too bad. Not happening. I can’t use any of the text from a post and put it in a hub. It has to be 97% original text or it gets deleted. Even if I’m the one who wrote it.
THREE – Signing up and meeting all of the requirements for the Ad Programs is just freaking ridiculous. I mean – oh my gosh, there are no words! (Signing up is also rather confusing.)
FOUR – And really, what am I allowed to hub on? They have a list of things you’re not allowed to hub on; a general list covering all of its generalities. I would have to nitpick every single hub and hope no one flagged it.
FIVE – It’s a lot less personal when you create a hub. It has to be informative, not overly emotional. If you don’t find that balance, it won’t make any money. HubPages is more geared towards informing, not like a blog, which is mainly an online journal.


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. Hubs are actually pretty cool.

ONE – People’s hubs touched on a whole slew of information and research I’d love to look into. It reminded me of a lot of different things I’ve been interested in over the years but haven’t had the time to do much with. I’ve bookmarked tons of them and added them to my ideas list for research, some even for future novels.
TWO – The interaction is nice. The people were open and down to earth, from what I’d seen so far.
THREE – You could write up a hub on how to paint a dream catcher and then write up a hub on how to correctly cook turkey for Thanksgiving. It doesn’t matter what your subject matter is. You can write on anything you want, no theme required.
FOUR – There’s a possibility to make money. That’s always a plus.
FIVE – It’s exposure to another community of people.
SIX – All writing is good practice.


A few days in…

Well this sucks. Now I have to pick and choose what goes where.

I wasn’t planning on copying all of my posts, or even a large quantity of my posts (or even 1/4), from my blog into hubs. But I did think there’d be cross over posts, you know ones I wanted to talk about on both my hubs and my blog?

But I guess that’s a bust.

This was going to complicate things. Majorly.  I would then have to decide what I wanted to tell bloggers and what I wanted to tell hubbers.

Then there was the question of how to link the two, so that if there were any hubs/posts that I wanted the other group of people to see, they could have the chance to see it.

It all got confusing and then the ad program sign ups hit and there was this ridiculous amount of confusing, vague, and generalized information and I said screw it. There’s no way I’m going to sign up for all of these ad programs, complicate my writing and my time table.

And if I wasn’t going to be making money, what was the point of having a HubPages account?


Extra time doesn’t actually exist – but it would be nice.



I like blogging much better. It’s simpler and fits my time table. It doesn’t suck me away from the people in my life or leave them wondering if the computer sucked me into an alternate universe and I’m battling mind ninjas who want to hijack my brains and sell them to the zombies.

But, I think I’ll still loiter around the hubbing community now and then for inspiration. They’ve got some good hubs and every writer knows that inspiration is something priceless.


So, to all of you bloggers out there considering starting up a HubPages account (and vice versa), make sure you have something specific for your blog and something specific for your hubs in mind. Because you can’t have the same post/hub in both places.

Either that or you better have mad skills and be able to write the same thing in two different ways without what you’re writing losing either its meaning or its quality. Or your voice.

Plus, you better hit up Hermione for that hour glass.


Personally, I’m with Kristen Lamb. You don’t need more than one blog or social media base like it just because you have different interests. Stick with one or you’ll spread yourself too thin.


Do you have a HubPages account and a blog? If so, have you encountered any of these problems?

Do you have multiple blogs? If so, how have you managed to stay sane?


25 thoughts on “WordPress vs HubPages

  1. thanks everyone. I have been on hubpages for three years. I will copy all my stuff on thumb drives and start using wordpress.

  2. Hi Daphne. I too had a hubpages account which was doing really well, I even had some content qualify for the niche sites which was great….

    I was just about to pick up my first payment when they banned me for spamming, no if and no buts. I get the feeling HP isn’t doing well as a business so they try to get out of paying their users.

    Then I moved all my content over to wordpress and much prefer it, I can write what I like, how I like, so I now have one site with lots of different categories of content.

    1. Oh my gosh! Not cool of them!
      I am so glad I chose to stick with wordpress.
      You deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of where you are. I’m glad you found a better home here. 😀

  3. I just got banned from HubPages with no warning.I cannot get a decent answer from the team.They had said I was in top 6% ongust givif their writers.
    I did not allow ads.. that may be a reason.I find it reminds me of the old Soviet Union… decisions taken,no freedom of enquiry etc
    However it is quite a good place to store unpublished writing or images until you want to use it on your blog.And you can do Smart printing from it.But really you are just giving your stuff away free to them as only Featured Hubs get adsense,,,
    There are some good poetry writers there

  4. Great post! I had a pretty decent HubPages account for about two years, but with Panda, all the changes at HubPages, and as you said, time management, I yearned to have my own space again. Having your own site where you are the boss, and can post whatever you want, feels so good that I think it’s best. Content writing sites like HubPages are more geared toward those people that want a mostly anonymous web presense. Then there are those of us, that want to be heard.

    Dave, Editor, thejeffriestube.com

  5. I’m glad you’re staying here, Daphne. I have no idea what hub pages are and now I don’t want to. Blogging takes up so much time that I would need Hermione as well (she may be spreading herself a little thin now).

    Great informative post! 🙂

  6. I just took a look at HubPages, and it seems like a lot more trouble than it’s worth! I only have one blog and can’t imagine having more. I’m actually surprised at myself for sticking with it for so long because I tend to get bored and quit after a few posts. I’m only relatively active on Twitter too. I don’t bother with G+ or Facebook pages. I think anymore than what I have now would’ve made me abandon everything within a few days.

    I think blogging is more fun because you can build a community around your posts, and you don’t have to pay attention to any rules to do that. More freedom!

    1. Yeah I figured that out the hard way. :/
      I got rid of my Facebook and I’m not too sure I’ll ever get a Google+. I’m afraid if I take on too much I’ll just throw the towel in and say forget all of it. I don’t like having tons of these social media stuffs.
      My blog and Twitter is good for me. Oh and WANAtribe too.
      Glad you’ve stuck with your blog! 😀

  7. Hi, Daphne, like Kristal, I’ve never heard of blog pages and for me one blog is more than enough. I need Hermione now with all that I must do, let alone adding to it. 🙂

  8. I’m behind the times. I’ve never heard of Hub Pages. Even though it doesn’t seem like something I would invest time in for myself, I’m off to nose around in this potential new resource arena.

    1. Not a lot of people have. I just happened to find a hub on something I was researching about three years ago and stumbled upon the site.
      It is good for research and/or inspiration though! 😀

  9. Glad to see you decided to choose blogging over hubbing. I like your posts! 🙂 Personally, I had never heard of hubpages. Well, maybe I had heard of them, but hadn’t contemplated them or what they could do for my writing. I agree that you don’t need more than one blog and as far as adding additional social media to your platform – quality over quantity. If Hubpages takes that much of your time, it will certainly cut into your writing time and that is never good.

  10. Amen sista! I too completely agree with Kristen Lamb. It’s hard enough to maintain one blog, no point in spreading yourself thin on another writing venture. Besides, that would mean technically you’re writing on three levels, including your WIP. And it’s all for the WIP in the end.

    I also think it’s hard enough to build up a substantial following with one outlet, no sense in trying to market multiple. I hope the free time allows you to do other things, like loglines or writing the story from the loglines you’ve written. 😉

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