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To Halloween or Not To Halloween?

I love Halloween and our entire family dresses up and walks around for free chocolate! I mean candy… Well, I’m there for the chocolate, everyone else likes most all candies.

And as you all know, Daphne is what? Daphne is picture happy. So in a series of photos, here’s how my Halloween night went.






I sharpied a pumpkin. Mwahahahaha!






This is the back. But moving on.







Lucky was for all intents and purposes… well, I don’t actually know. But  he’s adorable so that flies.









Dylan was Thor. And got caught dancing in the street before we left.








Holly was a panda. Don’t let her sweet looking face fool you. She’ll go all horror movie on you when you least expect it!








Mom was a pirate and she looked awesome!









She’s also apparently an exorcist. Who knew, right?









(Proof that Holly needed that exorcism.)











I was also a pirate. And this is the only photo anyone got of me in which I wasn’t giggling like a dork. It also just so happens to be the only photo which I will show anyone. The rest made me cringe (and not in the good scary, Halloween way).











In fact, if all my Halloween pictures would have accidentally cut off my head, I would have been thrilled!









Also, you’ll notice how tall I looked. It was all a lie! But it was fun to feel tall for a few hours. 😉










While my boots gave me the ability to not look “vertically challenged” aka short, Dylan’s costume allowed him to fly.











He was also moving so quickly that things got a little blurry. And funny.










I think it was just Holly’s demonic side popping out for the night that allowed her to fly.










I really have no idea what they were doing  here. Any ideas?









Once we returned home…









Lucky had to check my candy to make sure it was safe.


















And then he stole a sucker so I had to let him have it anyway.









I’m sure it was shear torture.









This is all I was left with. Oh, and slobbery fingers.









I did attempt taking a picture of dinner, both mine and Lucky’s. But as you can see that didn’t turn out so well. It did end up showing the shirt I wore all day though. I thought it was appropriate. It says “Little Miss Sweet Tooth”.










OH, and I had the perfect case of red eye later. Although I don’t know where my upper lip went. It seems to be missing. Which deeply disturbs me.




Now, I was listening to the radio somewhere and heard of a poll on Facebook asking how old is too old to dress up for Halloween.

Someone was shocked that they’d gotten a Trick-Or-Treater at their door that looked 20 years old! Do you believe that? Horrible.

I think its awesome to see all ages dressed up for Halloween and walking around. What about you?



How old do you think is “too old” to go trick-or-treating?

Do you go trick-or-treating?

My mum, she’s over twenty (twenty-four and holding people) – she’s never missed a year. I’m going to be 21 this month and I’ve never missed a year either.

Always dressed up for Halloween and always gone trick-or-treating.

ITS FREE CHOCOLATE. People, how much more of a reason do you need? Not to mention its fun. If you can’t tell, I love dressing up for Halloween. Can you guess what my favorite costume is?









This is Lucky on Halloween night, and he approves dressing up for Halloween at any age. (And suckers.)

17 thoughts on “To Halloween or Not To Halloween?

  1. This looks like an awesome Halloween!!! And no weirdos with Christmas wreaths like in my neighborhood 🙂

  2. I think you should do what makes you happy. If dressing up for Halloween makes you happy, then do it. Life’s too short. Be happy. 🙂

    Btw, Lucky is lucky. Buck didn’t get any candy. Lucky does look like he’s smiling in that last picture.

  3. Aww, love the happy dog picture! This was the first year I didn’t dress up for Halloween, but in general I think you’re never to old to have fun and enjoy the holiday. Looks like you had a good time! 🙂

      1. Yeah, probably a good idea- Just curious. I only keep mine up to promote the creativity and stay in touch with friends and fam that live all over the world.

      2. I really never used it much. Wish people would just use regular old email for contact. Plus the whole new software that keeps all your friends from seeing your posts, except the ones that click on your page all the time made it seem pointless to me. I think I kinda used that as an excuse to get rid of it though. 😉

      3. I hear you on that- Some of the new software they have is super creepy! Well, good luck with the writing & thanks for all the support [And feel free to send an email sometime!] Have a great day!

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