Stream of Consciousness

Hotel Hell #1


Yep, its true.

I have, unfortunately, created a new kind of bad posture; the kind you have no choice about.

Have I mentioned that the place we’re living in is small? Like, in there’s only room for two beds. And no chairs. Or desks.

As in, Daphne doesn’t just sleep on the bed now. Oh no, now she watches teeny tv on the bed. Eats on the bed. Reads on the bed. And types on the bed.


And guess what?

My back hates me!

And my neck. And my head. And my hips. And… you get the point.

I can prove it; my body is so pissed, its trying to kill me! Via lightning bolts of pain, bones going out of place, and wishes for there to be such a thing as a chiropractor visit gift card.

Ya’ll know I can’t get internet in here except for every once in a while, but I do type up posts here.

And you know, write. I am an aspiring author here! You know… working on character and species creation. Been plotting. All typing… centered on a lap top that shuts off when it gets PMS (approximately 3 times daily at random).

Even reading a book has me craning my neck at unnatural angles and has me wishing I had a genie. Those three wishes would be interesting, trust me you!










I have resorted to using an empty box to prop under my laptop and mouse. (Shown above.) It doesn’t really help, but at least I’m not hunched so far down now. Yay!

Oh well. What’s a girl to do?


Well, I’ve got absolutely no answer for that. But guess what?

I’ve made a decision. Yep, I have. And this whole leading you on thing line by line thing is irritating huh? Guess it only works in books. Only the good books though.

I’m not going to make you wait for me to move out of this hotel to do a post up on it.



Because I have no freaking idea how long we’re going to be here. I mean, it could literally be half a year we live here at this point. Could you imagine the length of that post if I shoved EVERYTHING that happened into it?!

Ha. It’d end up looking like one of those long roll out scrolls you sign the end of when making a pact with a demon in a movie.

Not so great.

So Ima tell you crazies what… I’m going to do up a series of posts as time passes about my time here and everything that happens, mixed in with normal posts. And yes Jae, I’ll add pictures of the hotel itself. 😉 Picture Daph to the rescue!

The series title will be “Hotel Hell”. But let’s just clarify here, it’s only Hell because it’s a cramped little room with four people and one dog, no organization, and a series of bad luck events and miserable situation reminders. We’re all still optimistic.

Plus, “Hotel Hell” just sounds cool. Maybe like a really cheesy “B” rated tv series  but whatever.

Don’t worry, there will be a good mix of good, bad, strange, random, and humor. Duh. Oh, and pictures.

I’ll start 2 months ago; beginning at the beginning seems to make sense, even to the insane. We’ll play catch up for December and January. Then concentrate on the here and now.


So, for all intents and purposes…. Welcome to Hotel Hell.


12 thoughts on “Hotel Hell #1

  1. These posts are great! (I mean in the sense of how you’ve put them together, not that you’re stuck somewhere). It’s been fascinating to get a view through your eyes. And it’s always good to hear you’re still alive and kicking. I hope it’s really not half a year…. Okay, so now you’ll have to write a best-selling thriller called “Hotel Hell.” 😀

    1. Ha ha, I was so thinking that! That would be quite an interesting novel.
      Thank you, its nice to know the posts won’t be boring. I’m glad they’re appealing, and yes, lol, I know what you mean.

  2. Hotel hell sounds like an awesome premise! Flesh it out girl, pun intended.
    When I was in college, cramped quarters all around. I resorted to sitting cross legged on the floor and typed facing my computer on the bed. It worked pretty well as the bed wasn’t too high, voila’ no back pain! 😀
    Good luck with writing Daphne, I’d def. read your book.

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