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Hotel Hell #3

To continue my chronicling of my time spent in Hotel Hell, we’ll finish the last two weeks of December 2012. We’re catching up before getting to the here and now because I hadn’t really decided if I wanted to write about my time spent here while I remained or if I wanted to wait until we had moved. Week 3 decided that for me.


  • (Okay, so technically, I’m predating week 3, but so be it.) A few days before we were to move into our new apartment (YAY!!!), the manager called and told us we could not move in.


Because we have an eviction on our record and monies owed showing accordingly. This means no one would rent to us.

We didn’t take this news well. We had thought we’d be out of this small room to rent at the end of two weeks. We had even packed accordingly. 2 weeks worth of clothing and needs.

  • The muscles in my neck got stuck on the left side and I had to go to the chiropractor for an emergency adjustment. I couldn’t move my neck and the pain was constant. Really freaking annoying!

After being adjusted and being able to think, we realized that the mattress we’d been sleeping on was not healthy for us. It felt like a giant had slept on it for half a millennium. Not comfy.

Soooooo, we got my mattress out of storage.

Then we realized that the room itself leans inward. Imagine a large “U” shape. Both sides of the “U” curve in at the bottom so that the floors are leaning into the middle, giving us quite the predicament.

A few weeks later a friend was kind enough to saw off a few wooden beams and situate them between our beds so that we could sleep comfortably. Major improvement!

However, the room still (obviously) leans.









Lucky didn’t seem to notice either way. He was, however getting a little peeved that he couldn’t run around like a banshee.

  • One of my friends became homeless for three days and ended up hiding out with us.









  • We got a bucket to use as a TV stand. (It wasn’t even our bucket.)









Since we can’t run from a calendar, Christmas rolled around. Artwork by the ever crazy (and loud and energized and *cringe*) Holly and Dylan.










Being us, we had to decorate at least a little bit.









We even got a mini Christmas tree. Isn’t it adorable?! We’re keeping it… It will probably go missing and end up showing itself in Daphne’s area of wherever we’re living next Christmas. Unless of course we’re still here… then it’ll reside on top of a box again. It was on top of the TV for a while, but we kept knocking it off. Mini Christmas trees are not supposed to fly across the room because you forgot to move the cover off the TV.









On Christmas morning, Dylan morphed into a penguin. If I’d had the room, I’d have been hiding.









Holly surprisingly became a chubby bunny panda. I honestly don’t know how she stuffed that many marshmallows into her mouth at once. But however she figured it out, she was still adorable (I hid my marshmallows).









Lucky got a new sweater, which he loves. Every time its cold enough for him to wear it, I take it out and he gets all excited. He perks up, sits down, and helps me lift his little paws up. Jeeze, he’s so darn cute!










Lucky got a new Kong (since he ate the last two). Aren’t those things supposed to be indestructible, really? He ate them. We’re praying for the current Kong. I’m surprised its survived this long!









My fuzzy, adorable, little psycho also got one ginormous bone.






























  • We got a cabinet that no one else was using in the building (there were two empty rooms being worked on then). We’re using it for food now. And knowing us, its shoved full of food. And yes it’s balanced… half healthy. Half not. 😀 Just kidding. It’s more of a 70/30 split.







Lucky stifled up his bravery and learned how to walk up and down the back and front steps. He now runs up and down them (dragging me along).







  • On New Year’s Eve we all went a little crazy(er than we already were/are).






























Aren’t they so cute, when they’re going insane…












…and running on two hours of sleep?










Lucky even hid after awhile. I think its saying something when your psychotic dog is the sanest one in your family.










  • I’m pretty sure I got some writing in there somewhere.
  • I also got in some sleep. Although, none of us have gotten a good night’s sleep in a while.








Except this one. He made it real clear that he was to get a nap. Daily. Every couple of hours he’d open his eyes so I could feed him.

Living in Hotel Hell and I still manage to keep this one pampered. Sheesh.

16 thoughts on “Hotel Hell #3

  1. I feel like there’s a resevoir of strength building from these experiences. I know when I used to rent half a house in a shady neighborhood, with a drug dealer living under us, it wasn’t very pleasant. It made me appreciate the next place, and everything after, that much more. I’m sure you’ll do the same. I believe we can only be truly thankful for what we have only after we lose something. Be well. You’ve always got Lucky to bring a smile to your face. 🙂 Lucky dog!

  2. Sheesh. Your life is seriously like a movie right now. I love reading these. You do a pretty good job with them, as I feel like I’m right there with you. Daphne will = best-selling author one day, I’m sure of it. Yikes, I hope you’re not there until next Christmas. Well, keep on keeping on. Love your little Christmas Tree by the way. Super cute! Festive in its own way. And of course you know I love the pics! 😀

    1. Aw thanks, I’m so glad my pain can make you laugh. JUST KIDDING! I’m just kidding. 😉 I’m glad you like them.
      Yeah, I’m hoping we don’t end up here for more than 6 months. I think by then I’d have a heart attack.

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