Stream of Consciousness

Hotel Hell #4

(sing dramatically…)

On the second month of Hotel Hell,

My strange fate gave to me…

Blue fuzzy slippers,

Our vehicle broke down,

And mum got laid off.


Month 2: January 2013

I can only guess out of his sanity challenged state, Lucky adopted some fuzzy children. Plush suits him, don’t you think? The munchkins now have a cuddle bunny guardian, which they think is adorable as well as the rest of us.









We received a key to the backdoor. We no longer have to bang on the door and hope someone hears us. It just felt so weird and rude to me: “hey, you in there, I’m here, so pay attention to me and open the door”.

Plus, now that 10pm curfew can’t get us in trouble… it’s not breaking the rules if you don’t get caught, right? 😉 Just kidding, most nights we get back no later than 9pm. We just need to work on the “quiet in the hallway after 8pm” thing.









According to city regulations, if there is a window in your building that faces Main Street (like our room), you must have blinds on the window or be fined. Due to this, our sheet covering the window just wasn’t flying. I think maybe the fact that its bright orange doesn’t help anything. But hey, it kept everyone from getting flashed periodically throughout the day.

The manager informed us of this and then proceeded to put up blinds while I held Lucky. The blinds, it turned out, weren’t made for this window and didn’t cooperate. Like most everything in this building, they jerry rigged it. Did I mention that the blinds are broken? You have to wrestle with them to pull them down. Once you do, you realize that about a foot from the bottom and up is falling off.

We kept our orange sheet up over top them, again so as not to flash anyone.


Our orange sheet.
Our orange sheet.


We received a TV stand to use for our TV! Woohoo! Bye-bye random painting supplies bucket.

Remember this bucket?
It’s now been retired by this stand.









Our truck, which I gently call a lemon, stopped starting. Again.

It wasn’t given much love even when we lived in a house. There was money enough to have it taken in and worked on regularly; normal maintenance and such. That money just wasn’t used on the truck. But we’re not going there. Moved on.

But anyway, it’s our only means of transportation. Ever blessed as we are, a friend bought the part for us that the truck needed and fixed that issue. We paid him back when we were able to.

The truck runs but is still ever the lemon. And decides to randomly not start.

When you have no transportation, you're stuck in here.
When you have no transportation, you’re stuck in here.












Holly’s birthday was January 15th, and she turned 12 this year.  As it was her day, she decided she wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and spend her gift card on a few books. We all had gift cards to use and that night was spent deciding one which books to get first. Not an easy feat, mind you.

As a birthday tradition, the birthday dude or dudette gets to eat whatever they want. We grabbed fast food at Sonics and had a heck of a time trying to get my gum in the trash bin without getting out of the car (we had food and books piled on our laps and were in dorky, giggling moods), falling out the window, or dropping the gum. It took us a good five minutes through the giggling and goofing around to get the gum safely in the trash, while waiting for the rest of our order. We probably saved a bird’s life. No gum goes un-picked up.

Also, before we left Barnes and Noble, the kid ringing us up told me I still had money left on my gift card. I was shocked to find out that I had twice the amount on it than I had thought. Can you say awesome?!

Holly's birthday cake. Yum!
Holly’s birthday cake. Yum!









January 22nd, mom got laid off. The company she’d been on probationary work for didn’t have enough work for her anymore, hadn’t for a while and couldn’t come up with any more excuses to keep her on, even though they liked her.

So, we knew that beginning with February, we’d have to go back on county assistance.

Holly glaring at fate.


These are the slippers I was talking about in the beginning, by the way. 99 cents and still kicking. Less fluffy, but still kicking.



Stay tuned for the next installment of Hotel Hell. 😉

6 thoughts on “Hotel Hell #4

  1. I kinda feel bad “liking” this post…so consider this me supporting you, and your family. These are days of uncertainty, and growth. The fact that you face them giggling, with those you love, speaks a lot of your character. Keep smiling and believe in what tomorrow can bring. One day soon tomoroow will bring change and these days will be memories. Memories of bonding, struggling, and loving your family. Wishing you, and your family the best.

    “As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.”–Vincent Van Gogh

  2. Your poor mum, that would be very disappointing for her 😦

    I’m glad you found the extra money on your card – woo hoo. The TV stand looks much better! 😀

  3. Ugh, such bad luck. But at least you got extra money on your card. And now you have a TV stand. And an orange sheet to cover not so great blinds. And blue fuzzy slippers? Yikes. Well, you’re still awesome chica. And you’re going to be such an amazing writer with all these experiences under your belt.

    Btw, don’t forget about me featuring your blog in the near future. No pressure. Yet. 😉 But I do want to if you can do it. 😀

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