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Crying is Not a Weakness

A few years ago, a Cherokee medicine woman shared with me the meaning of white roses and tears.

“We never wipe away our tears; we are not ashamed of them.” She said.

On the Trail of Tears, many of our ancestors were shoved and pushed and made to walk, often times until they died. It is said that when their tears touched the ground, a white rose grew. Others say that the white roses grew to give the mothers strength.

Regardless, we never wipe away our tears. We are not ashamed of them. We do not stop ourselves from crying because of sorrow or joy.

Tears are not shame. They are pain, they are joy, struggles and hopes. We are human and we feel. If we do not feel the urge to hide our smiles, why should we feel it necessary to hide our tears?

I mean, when did human emotion become something we’re supposed to be ashamed of? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

(And just in case you’re wondering, there really are white roses growing along the Trail of Tears.)


Ironically, I never cry in public. I’d be too embarrassed. Tears are personal to me. But I no longer consider them something to be ashamed of.

Do you?


(And don’t get annoying. I’m talking about sincere tears here, not people who are immature and cry over everything or to manipulate others.)



4 thoughts on “Crying is Not a Weakness

  1. I have learned over the years that I can do what I damn well please, providing it doesn’t hurt someone else. If I want to cry in public, I will. It is no ones business but mine.

    Recently, a professional football player was filmed on national TV crying during the playing of the National Anthem. He was ridiculed in the media and social media. I ask why? Those laughing have no idea what caused his tears. Maybe he’s proud of his country, his team, or himself for being good enough to play pro football. Maybe the song reminded him of a fallen friend. Whatever it was, it was his emotion, no one else’s. People should grow up.

    Having and showing feelings is natural. There is nothing wrong with showing them. We laugh in public. Why can’t we cry?

    1. That’s ridiculous that he was made fun of. I find it really neat that he had the security to cry in public like that. So many people just swallow their emotion because of society’s tendency to degrade them. 😦

  2. Yes, I do cry in public sometimes. But only when they are happy tears. I really try not to, because it’s nobody’s damn business what I’m upset about and I was tease when I was younger for being open about my feelings. When I’m hurt, I don’t even like letting my husband see me cry. I wait until I’m in bed, or better yet, the shower. Somewhere safe.

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