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Writers Write, Right?

Well, I was reading some quotes recently and the thing that kept coming up was how a writer can’t not write. It just doesn’t happen.

I got a little concerned.

Not so concerned that I questioned whether or not I’m a real writer, but enough so that I wondered if I was messing with my talent by not living up to consistent writing.

I got to thinking.

I haven’t worked on my manuscript in over 4 months.


I haven’t written in over 4 months – what kind of writer am I?

But nobody said I had to work on my manuscript to be writing. Now did they?


I have been writing. Almost every single day.

I’ve been writing blog posts (though most of those don’t see the light of day) and journaling like a madwoman. The journaling is to keep myself sane but I’m surprised by how much its helping me open  up to myself.

So see – all those quotes are right. I can’t not write. I’ve needed it in one way or another.




I had a case of black and white thinking. All or nothing.

Either I was going full out writer mode and working full tilt on my manuscript every day for hours – or I wasn’t doing anything.

Those were the only two labels my brain knew how to formulate.



Seeing in black or white (all or nothing thinking) isn’t realistic or helpful. It’s harmful. And it keeps me beating myself up. Glad I noticed it. Now I can knock it off!


I’d like to start doing some creative writing though. I feel that itch. Okay, so its more than an itch – its like an ogre with a battering ram inside my bones, chest cavity, head, and heart.

But I’m not ready to work on my manuscript. Why?

Because I’m still working on myself. I can’t write authentically if I can’t even live in my own skin authentically.

What could help me move this along?

Oh, I don’t know.


Journaling and blogging aren’t my only options. I can free write, write short stories, do whatever I want for creative writing. I don’t have to work on my manuscript until I’m ready.

That doesn’t mean I can’t write.

I’m a writer.

And writers write.


What do you consider writing consistently?

Do you journal?

Free write?

Write short stories?



Compile and rework research?

What exactly do you consider to be the meaning of “writer’s write”?

Are you ever a victim of all or nothing thinking in any area of your life?



16 thoughts on “Writers Write, Right?

  1. I haven’t worked on a novel for over a year now, Daphne. Bad me! But I have been doing other writing (blogging, working, letters, email). I guess you’re right, I can’t not write. Keep up the great work 😀

  2. Daphne, as with every great writer, you present common sentiments in a beautiful, insightful, personal, and engaging way. It feels like you’ve just written exactly what’s been on my mind. It feels like you’ve just read my mind. I really appreciate you pointing out the hazards of black and white thinking; I had a case of that as recently as this morning. It sabotages our peace of mind and creative spirit every time. Thank you for rescuing me from this landmine. Thank you for reminding me that there are many ways to express ourselves in writing. For me, this morning, it is simply responding to your post.

    1. Thank you. It is so nice to know that what I think and feel, someone else connects to and understands.
      I completely agree. Creativity and peace of mind go right out the window. And its so common. I believe a lot of what is “normal” or a byproduct of the “life isn’t fair” ideal seeps into us and sabotages us – when, if it wasn’t there, we’d be fine.
      I think we could lose a lot of pain and self-hampering if we took a look at what’s going on inside us, instead of what all the negativity outside of us tells us is unchangeable.

  3. This is an excellent post! I agree with you that ALL types of writing are good. Sometimes I forget that. But I do blog (when the mood strikes), journal, write essays and letters. Sometimes I even work on my manuscript. But I’ve journaled now for about 10 years. I can’t tell you how much that has helped me find my voice and solidify my writing style. Natalie Goldberg, a writing teacher, calls this “writing practice.” She has written excellent books about writing, including what many consider to be her masterpiece, Writing Down The Bones. Have you read it? You must. I just finished it and it was so helpful to my development as a writer.
    Keep Writing!

    1. Thank you. 🙂
      I got two of her books recently, after reading your comment. I’m reading “Wild Mind” by her right now and then I’m going to read “Writing Down the Bones”.
      Thank you for the suggestion!! 😀
      I’m taking it slow,getting back into the swing of writing. The hard part is finding my voice and how I was born to write, before I was tempered by “how I’m supposed to write” and all “the rules” as well as, “what everyone else wants” from me.
      So thank you, thank you, thank you!
      And I too have discovered how helpful keeping a journal is. I’ve only been doing so for about a year now (I hope I’m not repeating what I said in this post) and its amazing the changes I’m seeing and the realizations I’m making about myself. I find its easier to work through things and get perspective because of it too.

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