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Halloween (and lost weight)

By the way, this was me on Halloween night. I was wearing glow in the dark skeletal shorts underneath, only I didn’t realize they were glow in the dark until I put them on that night. I was worried I’d be walking down the street and my butt would start glowing. Thank the Halloween stalker demons that it didn’t.

(Yes, this is me bragging that I lost all that stupid weight. Don’t fall over, have heart failure, or drop your gremlin dentures. I’m allowed to brag now and again. And yes, I’m standing in front of my own front door like a totally dorky chick. Cuz I’m totally dorky.)


Daphne Shadows Halloween 2015
Daphne Shadows Halloween 2015


What did you guys do for Halloween?

Because chocolate.

Anything Halloween-like that you want to share with me?

Any ghost stories you particularly like? Anything creepy?

What did you guys dress up as? (if you dressed up) Any adorable munchkins or fuzzy munchkins dress up this year?


ALSO – people please remember that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas. Have some gratitude before you stomp people to death looking for presents.

Oh – and who else thinks “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is both a Halloween and a Christmas movie???

Any plans for Thanksgiving?


Wow, that was a lot of really random questions.

Anyone have any really random (but related) answers?

11 thoughts on “Halloween (and lost weight)

  1. Wow! You look great, and yes you deserve to brag a little. Losing weight is hard!!

    I spent Halloween editing and answering the doorbell. Because I am an old, boring dork. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! 😀 It is! And its hard keeping it off when you get stressed out again too. Ugh.
      You are not old (no walker with the squeaky tennis balls on the bottom) and you’re not boring (you’re a psychologist and writer – no possible way to be boring with either of those) according to me.

  2. Why don’t you write about the druids? The mothers of darkness, and other weird paranormal subjects , if you like I can send some interesting subjects, creepy weird, mysterious,

  3. Hi,

    Best Halloween costume I saw this year. And you look strong and fearless. I also think most of us are, at heart (or soul!) totally dorky…we just try to hide it, although we really don’t know why we do this. Authenticity is accepting dorkiness.

    I have one question to add to all of the questions you asked of yourself in your other post. Forget all of that other stuff….

    > What do you want, Daphne?

    Be well & Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for your posts.


    Mike Mulcahy Cell 922-2912 Sent from my iPad


    1. Thank you. I think that’s a really good point. I never really considered it at all. But its totally valid. We’re all a little dorky and we all feel we can’t be honest with how we really, truly are. Vulnerability has never been my thing, but I’m finding, as I work toward being comfortable enough with myself, that most people aren’t up for being vulnerable (exposing who they really are) either. So thank you. 🙂
      Good question. One I’m not certain I know the answer to you.

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