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I Don’t Really Have a Title Today

I don’t like old movies. So sue me!

They seem really cheesy to me. I try really hard to like them, I do. I go into it wanting to like it. Just not in the cards. I mean, I haven’t seen all the old movies I’d like to try. I’d love to rent old creature features and see if I like those. Some old horror movies I hear are better than the current ones, and not cheesy in acting or special features.


Which is weird considering I love “The Librarians”, a totally cheesy tv show. Although, it doesn’t have the same atmosphere as old movies and shows. Perhaps that’s it.



My favorite tv shows:


Criminal Minds


NCIS New Orleans

The Librarians



I am uber, crazy, probably psychotically, picky. So if I don’t absolutely love a movie, book, song, or tv show, then eh.


I’m supposed to be working on a birthday card right now. And I had something else to blog on, but I’m feeling too  hemmed in with structure on my blog at current.

So I’m kicking that to the curb.


Sometimes putting pen to paper is the only thing that can calm the torment in my soul. Siphon the pain in my head and chest and splash it across the lines in such a way that, for a little while, I am released of its absolute control.

Sometimes its the only thing that can sop up the misery.

Perhaps that’s why I don’t often write about the things which make me happy. I want to soak in those feelings, not give them away to ink.


I think your favorite anything can tell a person a lot about you. For instance, I’m pretty sure that list of my favorite tv shows says something about me. I’m just not sure what. I can’t pick favorites with a lot of things. Like movies and music and books. It depends on my mood and where I’m at in my life. It changes too often to really try to pin down, day to day. Besides, there are too many. I’d just have to list them all. And then I’d want to edit the list every five minutes.


(I finished that birthday card before finishing this post, by the way.)


What are your favorite tv shows? Can you pick favorites for things like books, movies, songs?

12 thoughts on “I Don’t Really Have a Title Today

  1. I do love old movies, because my mom & I used to watch them late night on TV, long ago. Some are hokey, but there’s lots of hokeyness on TV right now. LOL Although I kinda think the old horror movies aren’t as scary as modern-day movies, but they didn’t have the digital effects that we so today.

    I love Librarians, too. :-}

    My other fav TV shows are (I’m a TV fanatic, so this is the short version):
    The Walking Dead
    The X-Files (old and – I’m assuming – new)
    The Closer
    Major Crimes
    Sleepy Hollow
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Fear the Walking Dead
    Old CSI episodes (the early years)
    Modern Family

    (So, yes, I like mostly strange, supernatural, monster-infested, violent stuff.)

    I don’t have much time to read lately (yeah, yeah, I know what Stephen King says), but here are some I’ve read more than once, so they must be favs :-} …

    Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher
    War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
    Lots of classic sci-fi from decades ago
    Lots of Harlan Coben (crime/thrillers)
    Lots of Jodi Picoult books (drama)
    Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion (zombies!)
    Most of Stephen King’s horror books
    Mystic River by Dennis Lehane (my favorite dialogue ever)
    Robert R. McCammon’s horror books (esp. Swan Song & Stinger)
    Tami Hoag books
    The Alienist by Caleb Carr
    Dean Koontz books

    (Also strange and violent. Uh-oh. What’s that say about me? LOL)

    1. Yeah, when its tied into childhood happy memories, its hard not to like it, whatever it is. So I get that. 😉
      You know, I’ve noticed that too. There are a lot of cheesy looking shows on tv right now. And people TOTALLY love them. I’m just kind of sitting there cringing comedically.
      I’m watching the original x-files right now with my sister (we’re still only on season one) and we’re liking it. I like the new one so far too.
      We’re going to watch Buffy and Angel too.
      Yeah, I like watching the original CSI episodes now and again. I didn’t even realize until last year that they’d kept going with a partially different cast.
      Strange and violent works for my bookcase as well, so we’re in it together. Whatever “it” is. lol
      I haven’t heard of a couple of those authors. I’ll have to look them up. Mwahahahahahahaha!

  2. First, my favorite TV shows, then a psychological commentary…

    Big Bang Theory
    Perry Mason (can you tell I’m old?!?)
    Criminal Minds
    Golden Girls

    Now the psychological comment:
    “Perhaps that’s why I don’t often write about the things which make me happy. I want to soak in those feelings, not give them away to ink.”

    The ancient Romans got it when they called emotions “exmovere”–i.e. energy that moves. Emotions need to move in order to dissipate. So “bad” feelings need to be vented in order to get them out of our systems, but good feelings we freely let ourselves feel and express, so they dissipate naturally. Makes total sense that you would want to hold them close rather than write about them, so they don’t dissipate too quickly.

    1. I swear most of the people I know, like me, like Criminal Minds. 😉 (Now, of course that I said that, tons of people won’t like it, if I happen to ask.)
      I love the way you broke this down! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And coming from you…. That’s even more reputable. Mind if I quote you? Mwahahahahaha!

  3. Hi Daphne,

    I look forward to reading your posts; there is always something that causes me to stop and reflect or re-think about assumptions I have made or things I was sure about; so, thank you. I read (and am writing) this on an iPad. The first thing I usually do, is to try to rotate just enough, at just the right speed, to turn your photo right side up, which never works! 😉

    Now, to answer your question:

    Favorite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, SNL, Modern Family, The Goldbergs. I used to watch Criminal Minds, but like most of the fictional crime shows, and the 20/20, Dateline and other non-fiction crime shows, I just don’t want to see violence done to women.

    Movies: I understand what you mean by cheesy, but I am a sucker for old movie musicals, re-makes of Broadway musicals, and romantic comedies. I love watching Casablanca, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Godfather I and II, Groundhog Day, and a truly guilty pleasure…Elvis in “Girl Happy”.

    Books: I have been a lifelong science fiction (Andre Norton, Asimov, Heinlein) and fantasy (Tolkien, Tad Williams, Charles DeLint). I started reading Game of Thrones and got thru the first few books, but got tired of the violence (you will notice a theme here). I probably have about 1000 books all over my house, garage and attic. It is clearly a family thing because my brother acquire a rather size able storage unit for much of his library (he also works in the largest library at Rutgers.

    I also have several hundred ebooks on my iPad. Some of the books are electronic copies of rather thick hardcovers I love, and I have developed another guilty pleasure over the last couple of years; lesbian romance novels….my lesbian friends think it’s really funny , but I love these independent writers. Their characters and stories are just amazingly engaging.

    Anyway, I hope this isn’t TMI, but I wanted to thank you for what you share, and also tell you I think you are a brilliant, gifted writer.

    Take care,



    1. Aw, thank you. I’m glad I can be of some positive influence! Nice to know this blog isn’t me just rambling. 😉
      Yeah, the photo is upside down. There’s no fixing that. haha
      lol No, not TMI. Too funny. It’s amazing how our tastes in books and entertainment change. I’ve noticed a lot of changes in my taste over the past five years.

  4. My favorite TV show is probably Supernatural. But I’m also liking Being Human right now. I use the word “TV” loosely. We don’t have a TV. Just an iPad. But I’m all about those Netfilx shows.

  5. Favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad and Mad Men. Favorite books: too many to list. I also need to break loose once in a while, writing-wise. Otherwise, the perfectionist fairy comes to beat me over the head until I get discouraged and stop writing.

    1. “perfectionist fairy” I like that! I am SO going to use that in the future. 😉 I am the same way with books – there are way too many. And it normally depends on what mood I’m in. TV shows seem to be the only ones that I only have a few I like on a consistent basis.

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