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Simplicity is Undervalued

I think we undervalue simplicity. I believe more often than not, we’re complicating life.

With others’ dramas, others’ beliefs on how life “should be”, others’ wants, expectations, opinions on how life “really is”, yada, yada, yada….

What about me? Us? You? Do you exist? I mean, answer me this question.

Do you exist?

Simple question.

Now answer me this one.

Are you living? Your own life?

It’d be a lot simpler if we could just live our own lives, value our own internal feelings and thoughts, desires and wants, needs and values on a base, self-esteem affirming level.

It seems to me like we get all worked up over the dumbest things, offended and worked up over things that don’t really matter.

Because we’re so wrapped up in the drama. The “right way” to think, believe, the right opinions to have. The “right” way to spend our time.

We get all fired up.

Because we cannot look inside, instead. Into our own souls.

Into who we are.

That would just be too easy.

*rolls eyes*

And so we lose our identities.




How about we take ourselves into account (on a healthy level; if you like murdering/torturing people, this doesn’t apply to you)?

How about we think about what we want out of OUR life.

You realize this is your life, right?

And who is deciding your life’s rules?

Probably should be you….

(And don’t get all technical and petty. Right is right, wrong is wrong. I’m not saying you should discount humanity or morals.)


I recently read some good advice. I’m planning on taking it.



What are things you would spend your time on if you didn’t have to worry about money, expectations, or others? If you had no other obligations? What is most important to you, as a person? What do you enjoy, crave, dream of doing?


What takes up your time, day to day?


Compare these two lists. Where are your priorities and where would you like them to be?


Keep in mind:

Life is just a mess and no one really knows exactly what they’re freaking doing.

You might as well live your life in a way that will make you happy, give you/your life meaning and value, purpose and vibrancy.

And yes, its going to be messy.

Just keep it simple.


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