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Halloween Spotlight: The Addams Family

Last week I watched the 1991 movie for the first time.

I’ve totally fallen in love.


Once you get past the pure amazingness of the movie over all, a few things really stood out to me, which made me like it even more.




Morticia and Gomez are a couple, even though they have children. How often do you see that anymore?

Most people have kids and its like they turn to each other and say, ‘well, it’s been nice knowing ya!… but you know, we don’t exist anymore’. 0.o

Morticia and Gomez are parents who actually treat each other like lovers. Take time out for just the two of them, without discussing the children.

When they do spend time with their children (like at family meals) they don’t treat them like annoying morons.

Their relationship is just as alive as their relationship with their children.

When I get married, I want a marriage like theirs!


Wednesday and Pugsley are awesome people. Not immature brats who believe the world owes them its constant attention.

I love those kids! They’re off on their own in the house, doing their own thing. Not complaining, wining, expecting their parents to entertain them all freaking day and night long. Not obsessed with schoolyard drama or what they’re wearing.

They’re not bent on enslaving their parents, as if their parents aren’t human beings too.

I don’t look at them and think children. I think people, with personalities. Developing their own interests and opinions. *gasp* It’s awesome.




That scene where Wednesday and Pugsley perform their play. The entire audience is silently disturbed and the Addams family stands and claps for their kids.



I love this. They’re a weird, eclectic family that doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. They’re just who they are, unapologetically. And they support each other all the way.



The entire family respects each other’s individuality and space, and yet they’re closely knit and love each other to scary extremes.


They’re strange.

Come on, who doesn’t love that.

The entire movie is a smorgasbord of weirdness and Halloween spirit.

I love how Gomez has a hat for everything he does. And Morticia’s facial expressions, especially those eyes? Freaking perfect! Wednesday, I love Wednesday. I love how she and Pugsley are constantly trying to kill one another, yet they’re totally fine, and get along great. I don’t have any idea how the guy that plays Fester can move around like that and make it believable, but he does.

Okay, anyway, I could go on forever.


Do you like The Addams Family?

What’s a recent movie you’ve watched to get into the Halloween spirit?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Spotlight: The Addams Family

  1. Great incites, Daphne! I’ll never look at the Addams Family the same way again (in other words, I’ll have lots more respect in addition to all my other feelings). And I miss seeing you! How are you? I hope well…-Gwen Hardage-Vergeer

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