Stream of Consciousness

Lotus Love


I wish my life was as peaceful as this lotus flower makes me feel.

This lotus flower knows what’s up.
The gal that took this photo (source found here) knows how to capture bliss, serenity, peace.

And screw finding this peace in my life.
I wish I had the peace inside myself that this lotus flower makes me feel.
It starts inside and oozes out of you, into your life.

What makes you feel peaceful?
Jeeze – what makes me feel peaceful?


“I understood myself only after I destroyed myself. And only in the process of fixing myself, did I know who I really was.”
– Sade Andria Zabala

One thought on “Lotus Love

  1. This is the second time i’ve encountered the Lotus flower today, and it seemed like some serendipity that I would stumble upon it here, so I suppose I will share some of my thoughts. Earlier, I was met with an image of the flower before it had fully formed, when it was still in its youth, and found the image to be quite alien, and a little unnerving:

    You’ll likely have a similar reaction to the image. Even though it is plainly a young flower, and a quite beautiful one at that, something about the pattern and organization of the structures is alarming and strange. There is a name for the psychological response to objects that have this kind of appearance, trypophobia (googling this is not for the faint of heart), and even though we don’t hear of it often, it is quite common. There is no clinical significance of the term, but the reaction is unique enough to warrant giving it a unique name, I suppose.

    I mention this because I do believe that peace starts inside of us, and we perpetuate it until it permeates throughout all the aspects of our ordinary lives. Whether our small parts of the world are a tempest in a teapot, or the calm seas surrounded by stormy weather, we are the common denominator in the equation of peace, and without our own internal peace our external experiences are merely circumstance.

    In that way, peace is very much like the lotus flower. The process of finding your peace may begin with confronting the parts of us that seem strange, alien, or undesirable. Accepting, or changing, the aspects of ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable, anxious, or undesirable is an important part of our individual growth. Until we have embraced that awkward phase we are in, feeling strange and off-balance, we cannot achieve the inner peace we need in order to realize the beauty in life that we desire.

    Of course, for many of us simply accepting or working on our flaws isn’t enough, for those who have yet to learn the skills they need to survive, or for the mentally ill, the path to peace is paved by caring friends, careful rehabilitation, and effective therapy. Even still, starting down that path begins with a level of self-acceptance, and a willingness to either embrace or reform those parts of us that make us feel so alienated or prone to chaos.

    I hope my rambling hasn’t disturbed you, it struck me as peculiar that I would stumble here coincidentally after so recently having come upon the same flower.

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