Stream of Consciousness

Weird Dream

I had the strangest dream the other morning.


I was asleep in a house with my entire family. They were in the living room together. I was down the hall in my room, half asleep. This was our home, had all our stuff in it, and only our family lived there.

Lebron James walks out of the room next to mine and goes into the living room, dripping annoyance as he says, “If Daphne doesn’t wake up soon, we’re not going to be able to watch the movies.”


Weirdest dream ever.


I dream about people eviscerating other people; creatures chasing vulnerable people and attacking with sledge hammers and foot long, thick fangs; falling in love with (very attractive, human looking) aliens; the world ending with just me and my dog left; falling, hitting the ground, and flying.

I wake up and think woohoo! Great story ideas, hurry up and write this down.

But that?

Definitely my oddest dream thus far.

I don’t even watch basketball.

I don’t know anything about Lebron James except that he plays the game!


Since I started taking medication for depression and anxiety I’ve been dreaming. A lot. I didn’t used to dream except now and again. They started out really uncomfortable bad dreams, but now they’re great for my creative writing self!


Had any strange dreams lately?


4 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. I sometimes dream of famous people I hadn’t really thought about much in the waking ours – I just put it down to looking into what that person represents. I don’t know much about Lebron James, but if he’s a basketball
    player he’s probably extremely physically fit and what he says is important “If Daphne doesn’t wake up soon…” I’m a bit of a novice at dream interpretation, but this one seems to be saying that a part of you wants to ‘wake up’ from something (a feeling or emotion) that is effecting you physically. Just my take on it – keep on having those awesome dreams Daphne….

  2. Daphne,

    Yes, I have had a multitude of strange dreams in the last few months, some dark and somewhat terrifying, some fascinating and elaborate, but no NBA players or other sports stars! I would be glad to share! Mike


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