I, Wishes

I wish my soul

Spoke as poignantly

As yours


I wish colors

Became tapestries

In my eyes

As they do

For you


I wish I spoke

With a velvet tongue

Like you


I wish the skin

I’ve lived in

Wore so poised

As yours does


But under the weight

Of scars

My skin has grown

Tougher, thicker

Too worn and rebuilt

To flesh out

Such lovely silk

As yours


I wish I knew

More than I do

About life


I wish my fingertips

Brushed delicate thoughts


Slipping down

Strands of hair

Ever so purposefully

Highlighting insights

That speak

To my bones

Warm the hollows

Behind my hips


Connect so fully

To my soul


So beautiful

So vital

My shadow weeps


I wish


But I am clumsily

Navigating life


Plucking at truth

Before falling headfirst

Into it


Wobbling on baby deer legs

Running to learn to walk


Chest throbbing

With the fire

Others set Aside


I wish I knew how

To Suffer Well



by Daphne Shadows




10 thoughts on “I, Wishes

  1. Beautiful and poignant poetry, my friend! Keep writing! And I hope I see you again some day (I’m a Friday attender now…) Love, Gwen

  2. Ms. Shadows,

    Every word you write speaks to me. And to many others, I am sure. Please keep sharing your heart & soul with us. You always make me pause, and think and reflect, in a very wonderful way. I want the world to know you are HERE!

    Paola Farer, Denver, CO


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