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I Change My Mind – Black Lives Matter

That title makes me sound like I was a racist at one point.



Nope! Never have been. Racism is one of those things I never understood.

But anywho – I have changed my opinion on one part of the racism issue.




You see – I went off on Twitter a little while ago about how I wouldn’t carry a sign reading, “black lives matter”, but I would carry a sign reading, “all lives matter”.

I thought to carry a sign that said only one race of human beings mattered was, in fact, racist.

Now, I’m not saying I didn’t care about black people, nor am I saying that I now don’t believe all lives matter.

The difference between then and now is, I would now carry a sign stating, “black lives matter”.


What changed my mind?

A woman.

An honest, open woman, who happens to be black, and also happens to be willing to talk to white people like they aren’t scum. She talks to all people like we’re… all people. *gasps* What a thought! 😉




You see, I watched this video on Youtube, with Franchesca Ramsey and the host, Marie Forleo. (And totally fell in love by the way.)

For those of you who haven’t seen it, I will link to it in the bottom of this post.


I’ve only watched it one time but I remember the metaphor she gave that changed my mind.

It went something like this.

If I am doing a breast cancer walk, no one is going to come up to me and go, “hey! What about thyroid cancer? You should support and talk about thyroid cancer too!”

Because when we’re supporting breast cancer or the end of something like animal abuse or domestic violence – we are taking a slice of our time out to focus on one specific thing. But going on a walk for women’s rights doesn’t mean we hate men. Supporting breast cancer doesn’t slight thyroid cancer.

In the same vein of thinking, when I hold a sign reading “black lives matter”, I am not saying that I only believe lives of black people matter. What I am saying is.






I still believe all lives matter. But I don’t have to approach every situation or moral issue in a black or white mindset.

I realize that saying one person matters, doesn’t mean that is the only person I care about.


I also realize that before I watched this youtube video, I wasn’t entirely comfortable talking about racism. I believe we need a safe place to talk about these things, without people yelling in our faces or telling us we’re evil or ignorant.

We might be ignorant. But we’re never going to change if all anyone brings to the table is hate.

What do you think? 

Would you hold up a sign that reads, “Black Lives Matter”? I would.




13 thoughts on “I Change My Mind – Black Lives Matter

  1. This is a great post! I for one used to have exactly the same mindset as you, and I had exactly the same mindset around feminism too, your cancer analogy explains it amazingly.

    I just wrote my first post on racism in America and black lives matter, I’m looking to open peoples eyes to inequality around the world and it would be great if you could give it a read 🙂

      1. 100% right, I think its good for people to discuss and debate topics to bring about change.

        thank you 🙂 the link url is

  2. This is a great breakdown for the times when I run into All Lives Matter folks. I haven’t found a clear way to express it & this is perfect.
    I’m running a series on my blog called “small bites” – they’re posts that look at issues surrounding race. Today’s talks about interactions between the police and people of color. No judgement, no yelling. You’re welcome to come talk about the hard stuff in a safe space.

    1. Why thank you. 😀 😀
      No judgment and no yelling is quite rare. I am so glad there are awesome people like you brave enough to talk about this without yelling or condemning people.
      I used to never speak up for fear that I was ignorant or naive when it came to something and would get yelled at.
      Thank you.

  3. I have friends of every race. I’ve always taught you and your siblings the same way. We are all people. We all matter. I hope someday, we can all stand up for each other! I’d definitely support with a sign saying black lives matter. ❤

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