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Woe Is Me

Just kidding. It’s not going to be that kind of post. Thank heaven, right?

Every time I go online I read about how terrible the past year was. I remember reading the same thing last year. I might have even agreed last year.
My sister said something to this effect a few weeks ago – about how everyone she’s talking to is upset over how terrible the past year has been.
This got me thinking.


We tend to focus on all the misery in our lives. It’s certainly easier to find. All you have to do is wake up and feel, experience, let in the morning and something negative is bound to get in.
But how often do we search for the positive?

Our brains certainly like going about things the easy way.
So if we constantly focus (whether on purpose or subconsciously) on the negative, then our brain’s shorthand shoves a homing beacon in everything negative and keeps a close eye on it.


The latter end of this year, I really got to work on paying attention to what I focused on, where my brain wondered to, what I looked for in situations.

Now, I’m not saying that bad things don’t happen and negativities aren’t nakedly apparent in our society today.
What I am saying is that what we focus on is what’s going to grow. Literally.
If we go looking for negatives and horrid things about our daily lives, that’s what we’re going to find.
Don’t worry – if we don’t go searching for them, they won’t pack up and go away.
Trust me.

But the downside to focusing on the negative is that we will miss all the good stuff this life has to offer.
And there is so much beauty in this world to be noticed.


The past year brought me a lot of self-awareness, to name one great thing.

What about you?
What good things did the year 2018 bring you?


2 thoughts on “Woe Is Me

  1. Great post. Must be something in the water because I’ve been thinking along the same lines. The best part of 2018 was spending more time with my brother who is battling cancer. Every day is a blessing!
    The second was reconnecting with my great niece who was separated from the family 11 yeas ago. Now that she is an adult, she decided it was time to reconnect.

    1. I like your perspective. Sounds to me like you’re choosing to absorb all the good you’re offered. 🙂 I do hope your brother is doing as well as can be expected. No physical health struggles are easy or really have their “good” or “bad” days. Its just a hard thing to get through but I hope you guys have a lot of joy in your days too. 💜🖤💜 I know it’s hard on the family members too. Not being able to fix them or make the pain go away can be quite the trial.
      The relationship with your great niece sounds wonderful. It’s always so sad to me when families are broken up and won’t talk to one another.
      All in all, sounds like you had a good year because you made it a good year. 😀

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