Stream of Consciousness

Dear Everyone,

I just realized there is a fairly large amount of notifications from you guys and gals that I have not seen.


So if you’ve commented, asked a question, had a great addition – and I haven’t responded,


I went searching for a certain post and discovered that there were multiple comments I’d never seen… So I checked on my newly fixed laptop and found that I have LOADS of notifications on here that I’ve not been getting.

On the triquetra post from YEARS ago I have tons of comments! (I’m not too certain what I think about that post, I need to re-read it and perhaps do a follow up to it, with sources provided.)

But that’s beside the point.


I cannot believe I’ve missed so much awesomeness from you!

I’m so bummed.

So now I must go spelunking to find all the fabulous words you’ve thrown at me.

I think I might also read through some of my older posts and see if I agree with them still.


Also, someone called me the “b” word. Glad I missed that comment. πŸ™„

3 thoughts on “Dear Everyone,

  1. Well…as for the “B” word – that can be interpreted by mwah, your mother, to be… Beautiful, Bodacious, Bewitching, Berserk, Beguiling, Bighearted, Boisterous, Bright, Brilliant, just to name a few!!!!!

  2. “I think I might also read through some of my older posts and see if I agree with them still” I am in the process of doing the same thing I’m on day 6 of 30 days of poetry revamp, I’m posting on my FB page which I try to keep separate from my blog and my real world but I’ve faltered. I’m all the way back in 2012 when I started blogging, there is a lot I have that’s changed my views, thoughts and beliefs have change. Lines not entire poems though. Anyway, I’ve had one of those horrible monster energy drinks and my lengthy typing is betraying me, gotta go! (: Happy Blogging

    1. Oh, good energies to you, then! I know it can be rough going through all of it. I started in 2012 too! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Yeah, I change my poetry too. I think I’ve redone like 5 in the past few years that were on here. I think it’s good though. It shows we’re maturing. 😊😊 I hope the revamping goes well! Don’t give up, it’s totally worth it.

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