writing prompt

If This Was a Best Selling Movie/Book

Tell me what each of these stories would be about (or write a short story for us).

What If…


You found out your partner had a secret family?

A man/woman showed up claiming to be your future self?

A giraffe broke into your house?

You found yourself inside a real life horror movie, in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone, no car, and three days to avoid the ax murderer on the abandoned farm?

You found out you had four days and then you would be deleted from everyone’s memory?

You started hearing voices and they all wanted you to become a vigilante?

You woke up one morning as a walking, talking skeleton?

The grim reaper happened upon you and was surprised?


Can you make these into scary stories? Now make them a comedy…


Don’t forget to link back so we can all see your answers/stories.


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