Stream of Consciousness

eating healthy is hard

eating healthy is hard.

like, really freaking hard.

i don’t think it would be as hard if i didn’t have a digestive disease that allows me to eat: meat, fish, eggs, grapes, strawberries, and water without issue. AND NOTHING ELSE.

but i digress.

eating healthy is hard.

when you don’t have a lot of money. when there’s chocolate cake. and cookies. and chocolate bars. and emotions.

yeah, emotions.

emotions make eating healthy hard.


so i have a choice. wait for my fam to get out of the kitchen in a while so i can cook eggs. OR eat this chocolate cake.

i mean, i ate healthy for breakfast and lunch…

*daphne sets her laptop down to pick up her chocolate cake and take another bite*

whatever will i do?




is it just me or does it get harder to make healthy food choices as the day goes?

i mean i start out 100% full tilt crazy healthy person eater with pep and goals and food morals and drive

six’o’clock comes around and i turn into a cave dwelling, cake stuffing, cookie sniffing, m&m junkie

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