Stream of Consciousness

unspoken rule

there’s this unspoken rule that we follow to the letter

don’t talk about it

don’t poke at it

pretend it isn’t true


but it is

we all want to be seen


known for who we truly are

and appreciated, loved, respected


we want the right someone to see us

the right niche

we all want to belong, somewhere, with someone


but we pretend it isn’t true

because it’s embarrassing

or makes us sound selfish


wanting “attention”


but it isn’t like that

you know that

i know that


we want another to look in our direction

and value what we have to offer

as a human


for people to stand around our grave when we’re gone

our funeral procession

to be proof that we mattered to somebody


but more than that

we want someone to tell us while we’re alive

and mean it


am i naive to believe that life wouldn’t hurt so much if we didn’t hurt each other?

if we truly took a moment, got out of our heads, and saw each other?

truly heard one another?

am i naive to believe that being honest

would make us stronger?


i guess i’ll start

by growing thicker skin

because the truth of the matter is

a lot of people don’t see you

they see who they want you to be

and then get upset when you’re not that person

but that’s a discussion for another day


i guess i’ll start

by saying, yeah, i want to be seen

not at the cost of my soul

but for who i am

i want to belong

don’t you?


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