Stream of Consciousness

save a nightmare, feed a shadow

and by feed, i mean throw $3 a month at her OR pass her patreon link around like its a joint on 4/20.

I live in Mendocino County, peeps – those are some heavy duty miles.


How about like it’s an STD… Yeah, nope, definitely not.

News about Kim Kardashian’s bum? 

Never mind.


(just had the Cali fires and I live in Cali….. sooooooooo too soon)

The Good Word?

*head desk*



Anywho, I started a Patreon! I’m so excited! I got the advice to start a Ko-Fi, Patreon, or Buy Me a Coffee from a few YouTubers and Bloggers.

I like options. I’m an options kinda gal.

So Patreon it is.

What the frick frack knick knack is a Patreon?

You know how painters like EONS ago would get paid by an epic rich dude to just, like, paint? I’m sure it went something like this:

Painter: *starving* *really good at artisting*

Rich Dude: “Hey! You! Take this-” *shoves money and food at Painter* “and go paint.”

Painter: “Yay, life!”

Also Painter; *paints and doesn’t starve to death, spreads happiness through art and does weird artisty things*


I’m telling you, it went JUST like that.

But I digress.

A Patreon is an account where YOU can pay ME to survive.

Which sounds FABULOUS to me.

But what do you get out of it?

Well – stuff. Let me just show you part of my Patreon Page:


Screenshot (6)


Screenshot (7)

If you want a bigger view or if you’re interested, check my Patreon page out here:

Daphne Shadows’ Patreon





And yeah, pass this link around like it’s a message on a pigeon from a cartoon!


Thank you. 😁


*This message is Certified Panda Approved by my manager. 


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