Stream of Consciousness

Write What You Want

…. yeaaaaaaah…


Okay, I know, I know.

That’s my problem.

I’ve been writing for others for so long that I forgot how to spin a story from my own mind.

And now that I actually want to write for me

I don’t know what story I want to tell.

I could literally write anything. About a pear that hitched a ride with an outer space alien and robbed a liquor store. Only, turns out that outer space alien had been living in pear’s backyard as a stalker for seven years, isn’t an alien, and definitely kidnapped a real alien in order to steal it’s intelligence and technology. And who knows what the fake alien wants with pear.

But do I care?


Let me tell you, no, I do not care.


And I don’t know what I want to write.

I don’t know what stories I care about now.


Interesting thing is

this doesn’t bother me.

It’s a stepping off point.

A cliff that isn’t actually a cliff.

It’s a new beginning.

A blank page.

I get to do whatever I want with it.



2 thoughts on “Write What You Want

  1. Hi D, In response to your inquiry how about some of kind of poetic, free-form writing…ignore all of the crap that is going on around you & focus on what’s going on within you, the wonderful And weird and find the fun M PS and the elves!


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