Stream of Consciousness

Recharge Your War Paint

Take a minute to simply breathe.

Be in your own body.

Feel the soles of your feet. The delicate skin between your fingers as you flutter them. The feel of your hair as it brushes your ears/forehead/cheeks or the cool air on your scalp. Notice your shoulders and let the tension out. Any tension in our stomach?



Allow yourself a moment to simply be.


You cannot pour from an empty cup.

You cannot help another if you, yourself, are destroyed.


There is a lot of pain in the world right now. It’s heavy. Put it down.

Take a break and come back to yourself. Recharge.

We are all connected and yes, we need each other. But we need to remember that we are also individuals. And individually, we cannot give to the world or our sphere of influence, if we aren’t keeping ourselves healthy, both psychically and psychologically.

So take a few minutes to reconnect with yourself. With nature. With those you love. Small things, big things. Remember what you enjoy and enjoy it.

Sometimes war paint and battle armor come in surprising forms.


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