Stream of Consciousness

What If It’s a Lie?

You’re fat.

You’re ugly.

You’re stupid.

Not good enough.

Not strong enough.

Too lazy.

Too slow.

You’re unlovable.

Too damaged.


WHAT IF this is a lie?

Challenge your thinking.

Especially once the holiday season trickles around, I hope you challenge the thoughts you’re feeding yourself.

What is the OPPOSITE that might be true, instead?

A lot of people tend to roll their eyes at positive self talk.

But what’s going on in your head, every day and night, 24/7? YOU are your closest relationship throughout your entire life. Are you abusing yourself?

Try searching for positive things that could be possible. Most likely, they are.

Our brains don’t know the difference. So when you keep telling yourself that you’re ugly, you’ll never lose weight, never get that dream job, never be strong or good enough… your brain is listening. And it’s really good at it’s job. It then goes about searching for things outside of you, to prove, to back up the claims you’re making.

Kind of like information bias.

So, what are you feeding your brain?

Constant self talk about how terrible and powerless you are? Because if so… why not try asking yourself what positive things could be true, instead?

Instead of, you know, berating yourself for not having perfect positive self talk. *wink*

You can always rig the game to work in your favor. Best way to do that? Start with how YOU treat YOU.

6 thoughts on “What If It’s a Lie?

      1. I’m good. Son and Daughter-in-law currently have Covid, but only mild symptoms so far. So my current self-talk mantra is: “They’ll be okay. They’ll be okay.”

      2. Oh dear. 😬 **hugs** My entire family and I ended up with covid in July or June. It’s pretty scary. But I think your self talk at the moment is very healthy. I’ve got buckets of health issues and I’m still here and kicking LOL. How are they handling it?

      3. They’re hanging in there. They have two very active, special needs boys, so they can’t really lie down and be sick. They seem to be on the mend at this point though.

        You keep right on kicking, you hear!!

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