Stream of Consciousness

is social media a hamster wheel?

do you ever consider deleting all your social media?

facebook, twitter, instagram?

i wonder if there’s any point in it.

i mean, i’ve garnered some pretty freaking cool relationships because of it… but none of which would really be effected if i disappeared.

i mean, am i contributing anything good? PURPOSEFUL? helpful?

i don’t know, really.

human connection is such an infinite, finite, ever-changing and solid thing. it’s like trying to capture smoke in a bottle. did you really get it? or is everything simply a hamsters-running-in-a-wheel, situation? pointless and useless, but keeps you moving, feeling like you’re going somewhere?

i just don’t know.

is my footprint, simply there? or is it a positive influence that actually helps someone, anyone?

how many times can one blather on about their inner workings? (when the right mood hits, i can, for eons) and is it any use?

in this world of attacking someone for having a different favorite hairstyle than you and digging through years old tweets (leaving zero room for human growth or change, apparently) specifically for the purpose of smearing their name in the mud – am i more than a whisper? am i contributing? or am i simply fooling myself?

is it that when everyone has a megaphone, no one does? or is it truly that negativity always screams louder and most days, people search that out for the drama? meanwhile, the positivity is buried. buried, even, by all the mundane yammering of normalcy and humanness that is to be human?

and for all my speaking – am i saying anything worth hearing?

i. just. don’t. know.

2 thoughts on “is social media a hamster wheel?

  1. I often do! That’s why I don’t use it for friendship anymore. I have people who talk to me like friends but only in social media. A friend to me is someone who is invested enough to have your phone number, too. And everyone is so easily offended. So now I just use it for surface level social interaction/entertainment, and marketing my writing and blog, and it’s easier to take, lol. Now I’m working on drastically reducing my time online… It’s definitely not worth the time I put into it.

    1. It’s like you LITERALLY took the words out of my mouth! I am so on the same page. And it makes me sad, sometimes. Here’s this thing that should bring us closer together, but instead we’re MORE guarded, MORE likely to be fake, and feel MORE pressure to be something we’re not. I feel like it somehow gives a platform to all of life’s bullies in a way nothing else can, as well. I’m really analyzing and weighing whether or not to keep it. And you’re so right – it’s not worth the value of my time and effort and honesty I put into it. Not to mention it exposes how human I am, which apparently you’re simply not supposed to be anymore. 🙄

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