Micro Stories · Shadow Poetry

i act like i need it

I stared at the words written on the wall for hours without ever seeing them.

The warmth of the day bloomed in me until all I knew were the leaves above in their muted dance.

And my lips recognized the lyrics before my thoughts did. Paint splashing against the wall of my heart. Your voice reverberating through the hollows of my dreams.

You follow me into the empty. Crushing colored glass under my toes in paradise, some sense of you leading me forward.

I can feel you breathing beneath my skin, I see you speak every time I close my eyes.

And there’s this buzz, deep in my flesh. Past the marrow and into the atomic darkness, hidden where the dancing lights of misery and joy fight. It puts a gun in my mouth one second. A love letter the next. Because I remember.

I have to feel it. So I wake up.

And you’re not there.

4 thoughts on “i act like i need it

    1. HI! 🤩 Thank you. I’m glad to hear you like the poetry! It’s been INSANE on my end. Got bloody swimmer’s ear, had my ear drum rupture, and lost all hearing for two weeks in the middle of it all. 😛 Not to mention normal life stuff. LOL
      How are YOU?

      1. It has been insane for you. Sheesh. I’m good. Just getting adjusted to mom life. Baby boy is sleeping thru the night now so things are way more manageable, haha! Just trying to get back into all the things for reals this time. I’ve got a new project I’m hoping to submit to agents next year. So glad to hear from you, but sorry again about all the craziness.

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