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Apparently Chakras Are Made of Science

Want to know something pretty cool?
While on my journey of learning how to become a sound healer, I learned about the Sound-Light Bridge. And it’s dope.

it goes something like this…

Musical notes vibrate at a frequency. If you multiply the note times the speed of light, you get a color.
Take the solfège scale.
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, (and the repeating note) Do.

Each is a note.
Do = C note
Re = D note
Mi = E note
Fa = F note
So = G note
La = A note
Ti = B note

Something interesting happens when you multiply these 7 notes, individually, by the speed of light. You get:
C note = red
D note = orange
E note = yellow
F note = green
G note = blue
A note = indigo
B note = violet

Why is this interesting?
If you take a look at the 7 main chakras, they go like this:
Root Chakra = red
Sacral Chakra = orange
Solar Plexus Chakra = yellow
Heart Chakra = green
Throat Chakra = blue
Third Eye Chakra = indigo
Crown Chakra = violet

Big whoop. It’s the rainbow. Right?
…… Well, if you take a look at the corresponding notes to each chakra, you get:
Root/Red/C note
Sacral/Orange/D note
Solar/Yellow/E note
Heart/Green/F note
Throat/Blue/G note
Third Eye/Indigo/A note
Crown/Violet/B note

Look familiar?
It all lines up:
Do is: C note x speed of light = red = root chakra = c note
Re is: D note x speed of light = orange = sacral chakra = d note
Mi is: E note x speed of light = yellow = solar plexus chakra = e note
Fa is: F note x speed of light = green = heart chakra = f note
So is: G note x speed of light = blue = throat chakra = g note
La is: A note x speed of light = indigo = third eye chakra = a note
Ti is: B note x speed of light = violet = crown chakra = b note

Chakras have been around for, let’s say, quite a bit. They were first referenced in the Vedas, a sacred spiritual text written sometime between 1500 to 1000 B.C.
The sound-light bridge? Discovered somewhere in the 1800s.

**mic drop**

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3 thoughts on “Apparently Chakras Are Made of Science

  1. Thanks, Daphne, for the insightful analysis of chakras bridging to sounds and light. Such insights must find their way into school text books so that young minds grow up with a scientific temper eschewing the claptrap of dogmatic religions. Best wishes…

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