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save a nightmare, feed a shadow

and by feed, i mean throw $3 a month at her OR pass her patreon link around like its a joint on 4/20.

I live in Mendocino County, peeps – those are some heavy duty miles.


How about like it’s an STD… Yeah, nope, definitely not.

News about Kim Kardashian’s bum?Β 

Never mind.


(just had the Cali fires and I live in Cali….. sooooooooo too soon)

The Good Word?

*head desk*



Anywho, I started a Patreon! I’m so excited! I got the advice to start a Ko-Fi, Patreon, or Buy Me a Coffee from a few YouTubers and Bloggers.

I like options. I’m an options kinda gal.

So Patreon it is.

What the frick frack knick knack is a Patreon?

You know how painters like EONS ago would get paid by an epic rich dude to just, like, paint? I’m sure it went something like this:

Painter: *starving* *really good at artisting*

Rich Dude: “Hey! You! Take this-” *shoves money and food at Painter* “and go paint.”

Painter: “Yay, life!”

Also Painter; *paints and doesn’t starve to death, spreads happiness through art and does weird artisty things*


I’m telling you, it went JUST like that.

But I digress.

A Patreon is an account where YOU can pay ME to survive.

Which sounds FABULOUS to me.

But what do you get out of it?

Well – stuff. Let me just show you part of my Patreon Page:


Screenshot (6)


Screenshot (7)

If you want a bigger view or if you’re interested, check my Patreon page out here:

Daphne Shadows’ Patreon





And yeah, pass this link around like it’s a message on a pigeon from a cartoon!


Thank you. 😁


*This message is Certified Panda Approved by my manager.Β 


Stream of Consciousness

Three Twisted Tales

So, I have three stories going on right now.

Two are bedtime stories I’m telling ASMR style on my YouTube channel, which you can listen to for free. So far I’ve released the first two chapters of ONE story. (You’re getting the inside scoop on the second, as I haven’t uploaded any chapters yet on YouTube.)

The third is a novel I plan on writing, querying on, and getting published.


Here are each story’s basics…


ASMR Bedtime Story: Lorelai Wakes

I have 2 chapters of this story on my YouTube channel so far.

Lorelai is an Ancient One, bespelled into believing she works a day job and goes about her life like any regular human being. Until she gives into the ocean’s call and, bleeding to death, is woken by sirens, only to find her memories and identity have been stripped from her. The only thing she remembers is her name and a war between humans and preternatural creatures that happened long ago. A war the preters lost.


ASMR Bedtime Story: Luna Baku

I haven’t released any chapters of this story yet.

Luna isn’t human. No one knows what she is, really. But when humans need help in a world where nightmares can be dreamed into reality, Luna – with the help of her little black cat Gypsy, and large black dog Merlin – is who they turn to.Β 


Fool’s Justice

I plotted the entire timeline of this novel and finished writing the first two chapters before last year’s end.

Vada and Valentine, yokai outcasts, take a job to rid a man of the djinn haunting his house. Now Vada is haunted and something is killing pregnant women in their sleep.



Stream of Consciousness

I Am Moving

Hiya! πŸ˜ƒ

Sorry for my absence lately. It’s for a great reason though!

I am moving apartments!!!


Our neighbors moved out and their apartment was completely re-done. Their pipes connect to ours and both our pipes are collapsing in on themselves. So the owner moved us into the newly re-done apartment. Otherwise, they’d have to tear up the newly done flooring and walls in the living room and kitchen.

Whereas our apartment was crawling with roaches (as you well know). Dude they had gotten baaad.

Crawling while we’re sleeping, in all our foods, living in our trashcans, our fridge. Breaking our microwaves, blotting out the numbers on our alarm clocks. Burrowing into our thousands of dollars worth oak furniture. A nightmare.

I had to keep my underwear in Ziploc bags. πŸ˜‘


Since I was born, our family has moved twelve times. We have it down. Figured this would be easy, as usual.

And then we had to move without carrying cockroaches into our new and sealed off apartment…😡

Which is taking FOREVER. Literally. We are six days in. And not done yet.

But I am SO EXCITED!!! Because NO MORE COCKROACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!



But anywho.Β 

My presence here will be pretty sporadic for the next week as well.

No worries, I’m not disappearing.Β 

Just drowning in roaches, cleaner spray bottles, paper towels, and rubber gloves.


One totally cool thing, though, check it out…

I put on some cheap glue-on fake nails. I went that route because they are extremely cheap and don’t hurt my nails as much as acrylics. Not that I’ve ever had acrylic nails. They seem like way too much work. But I can’t stand constantly painting my nails, chipping them, filing them, re-painting them, etc. Plus these fake ones will sound amazing for ASMR. I feel kinda goofy for totally loving something so goofy and girly, but yeah, I’m totally loving it. Kinda a little in love.

Can you be in love, a little?

I dunno about that.

They are just nails so I don’t know that it really matters.

Also, I need more sleep. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ