Stream of Consciousness


is bloody scary.

I guess trust brings up vulnerability. It takes into consideration if the person or situation is trustworthy. If you, yourself are trustworthy. It brings up risk.

Trust isn’t easy. Nothing worth your time is.

My question for you today and every day of your life is… do you trust yourself?

In the same way, I’m asking you, do you think YOU matter? Do you think you’re valuable? Do you think it’s important to do what you say you’ll do – for others and yourself? Do you think it’s important to SEE yourself and be honest about that?

Do you trust yourself?

If you don’t, don’t hate on yourself. That won’t help.

Start building trust with YOU.

Make some promises to yourself and keep them.

Trust me, its important.

Stream of Consciousness

3 Ways to Build Self-Trust

“…if you made a list of people that you trusted, would you put your name down?”



Would you?

If not, here are three ways you can begin working on building self-trust.

  1. Work on awareness concerning what you are emotionally feeling and what you’re physically feeling. If we don’t know what we’re feeling, how are we going to be loyal to ourselves?
  2. Work on truly being who you are. If we aren’t being true to ourselves, we’re not going to take ourselves seriously.
  3. Look for things you’re good at, what you’ve succeeded at, and what you like about the choices you make. Think about the people you trust. More often than not, its someone you like, right?

I have some more ideas, but that’s all that’s really formulated in my head yet. So that’s that.

Do you trust yourself? Why? If you didn’t always, how did you get to a point where you now do trust yourself?