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Apparently Chakras Are Made of Science

Want to know something pretty cool?
While on my journey of learning how to become a sound healer, I learned about the Sound-Light Bridge. And it’s dope.

it goes something like this…

Musical notes vibrate at a frequency. If you multiply the note times the speed of light, you get a color.
Take the solfège scale.
Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, (and the repeating note) Do.

Each is a note.
Do = C note
Re = D note
Mi = E note
Fa = F note
So = G note
La = A note
Ti = B note

Something interesting happens when you multiply these 7 notes, individually, by the speed of light. You get:
C note = red
D note = orange
E note = yellow
F note = green
G note = blue
A note = indigo
B note = violet

Why is this interesting?
If you take a look at the 7 main chakras, they go like this:
Root Chakra = red
Sacral Chakra = orange
Solar Plexus Chakra = yellow
Heart Chakra = green
Throat Chakra = blue
Third Eye Chakra = indigo
Crown Chakra = violet

Big whoop. It’s the rainbow. Right?
…… Well, if you take a look at the corresponding notes to each chakra, you get:
Root/Red/C note
Sacral/Orange/D note
Solar/Yellow/E note
Heart/Green/F note
Throat/Blue/G note
Third Eye/Indigo/A note
Crown/Violet/B note

Look familiar?
It all lines up:
Do is: C note x speed of light = red = root chakra = c note
Re is: D note x speed of light = orange = sacral chakra = d note
Mi is: E note x speed of light = yellow = solar plexus chakra = e note
Fa is: F note x speed of light = green = heart chakra = f note
So is: G note x speed of light = blue = throat chakra = g note
La is: A note x speed of light = indigo = third eye chakra = a note
Ti is: B note x speed of light = violet = crown chakra = b note

Chakras have been around for, let’s say, quite a bit. They were first referenced in the Vedas, a sacred spiritual text written sometime between 1500 to 1000 B.C.
The sound-light bridge? Discovered somewhere in the 1800s.

**mic drop**

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