Stream of Consciousness

24 and Learning to Ride a Bike

My sister, who is fifteen, took an hour to teach me how to ride a bike, then happily road around with me until I got the hang of it.

She did a lot of trying not to laugh.

I don’t blame her.

This is basically how it went:


Week One

I’m going to die! …

….If I can get this thing moving.

It took me almost a half hour to figure out how to get moving without wobbling off balance. Have I mentioned I have zero balance? And I trip on flat surfaces? And I run into things?

This is kinda cool. Also, I’m going to die.

My thighs are killing me!

My brother joined us and I watched the both of them zoom uphill while I was in the back trying not to fall over. My town goes up and downhill. A lot. Freaking mountains. Uphill sucks. You’d think all the jogging I do would count for something! But oh no.

My butt is killing me!

A straight line? What’s that?

My left leg looks like it got in a fight with a rabid shard of metal.

My munchkins (siblings) left for their dad’s house, three hours away, leaving me to my own devices. (Don’t worry, I don’t die by the end of this post.)


Week Two

My butt still hurts from this freaking seat!

This is great, I can go to the store whenever I need to.

I now hate crossing the street.

Oh, hey look, I’m bleeding. When did that happen?

Going good, biking to and from work without incident. Liking it.

Ran into someone’s parked car while coming around a corner. There were people there to see it. *head desk* (I was fine, the car was fine, but I felt like a dunce.)

Did you know biking burns more calories than jogging? I thought that was the best thing I’d heard all month.

I felt great until I almost got ran over and went back to feeling like a moron.

Note to self: Worries me that I’m not scared of getting hurt, I’m concerned with that person knowing I’m a (sometimes oblivious) dunce.

Oh hey – there are rules of the road for people on bikes? Huh. I should probably know those.

There are this many rules!? How am I supposed to remember all of this while simultaneously not falling over, running into people/moving vehicles/buildings and remember where I’m going?!

So… I’ve been biking on the wrong side of the road half the time. Oops.

I followed all the rules! Yay me!

Should I buy a bike helmet? Do I need a bike helmet?

I don’t legally have to have one since I’m over the age of 18, but… I am on a two wheeled death trap, riding around a bunch of twenty-ton machines with people inside them… Maybe get the bike helmet….


Week Three

I think going through the embarrassment of learning how to ride a bike in my early twenties was well worth it.

I love being able to get where I need to on my own, without issue.

Plus, its great exercise.

I see people riding their bikes without their hands and texting and it flat out amazes me. But I think I’ll stick to holding on to the bike, thank you very much. I just don’t have that level of balance.

I got lucky too. I learned in the back parking lot of a big building where no one could see me. That takes off heaps of humiliation, I mean pressure.

I’m not even going to go into detail of how I had to figure out which gear to use when, while staying upright, not running into anyone, and following rules.

Oh, and I’m going to be laughing at myself for running into a parked car for quite some time.




Anyone else here not learn how to ride a bike until they were an adult?

When did you learn how to ride a bike? Did you enjoy it?

Run into anything?