Stream of Consciousness

feed your soul

i think we need a little diversion.

a little distraction, a hug for our soul.

a little love and something warm to wrap around our shoulders, a little shimmer to inject into our veins.

something different than our normal, deeper than our superficial hellos and i’m fines. maybe something that matters but isn’t so heavy.


we need a fire, crackling with a soft glow, hushed whispers and soft blankets. medicine for soul sickness.

love that i can pick up and slide across my skin, hand to my friends and imbue into their hearts. to absorb my tears, alchemy to turn them to comfort, alchemy to turn tears to that feeling in your chest – that luminescence that feeds you hope – flushes your neural pathways and fingers and hollows behind the eyes of all the pain and ichor flocking to you. that feeling that washes you clean and fills you with fire simultaneously in the same breath, in the same stitch of nanoseconds, flashing by in a brilliancy of love letters and dead skin cells clinging to the magic of the moment.

i think we all need a little respite, a plushy, a paradise for the soul.