Stream of Consciousness


Focus on being a human being.

NOT a human doing.

Sit with any uncomfortableness. Sit with who you are. BE who you are. BE.


You deserve to exist. To thrive. To be aware of you.

Stream of Consciousness

Be Like Nike and Just Do It

Goals, plans, ideas, creativity, persistence, motivation, determination, ingenuity, resources, dreams, and intent are all useless if you don’t actually start doing what you want to be doing.

If you don’t do anything…. you’re going nowhere.


Don’t let anything hold you back. Not doubt (self or otherwise), procrastination, negative comments, fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, actually making mistakes, etc.

Unless aliens are invading, do it – whatever your ‘it’ happens to be (as long as you’re not involving clowns, I’m good). Even then you could be keeping video documentary and exposing the nefarious plans of the talking squirrels that let the aliens in on how to take us down.


Talking squirrels are going to sell us out. It’s true.


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