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*Feeling Loved*

One month later… Jeeze this took me forever! Sorry for taking so long to do this post people.  I’ll get straight to it. Because I don’t think you guys would want to listen to me tell 7 things about myself four times over, I’ve combined the numbers. And if any of the questions were repeated, I only answered them the first time asked. Also, I only nominated 2 bloggers per award.

I do not think any award is better than another, I simply don’t want to make a post for each award. That’d feel braggy to me. Oh yeah, and I’m going in the order of how I received each award.

I have been given the following:

  • The Kreativ Blogger Award by Brian. You can find him here, where he has a vast amount of  knowledge in everything writing, editing, and staying afloat in the turbulent waters of writer life.
  • The One Lovely Blog Award by Dianne. You can find her hereShe’s battled crocodile’s and won… need I say more? I’m not even making this up.
  • The Fabulous Blog Ribbon by Athena. This gal’s blog resides over here and has recently reminded me of the joys of writing down how I plan on/ want to organize my writing schedule. Because its not all writing peeps. Thank you Athena!
  • The Sunshine Award by Christina, Kay, and Kina. Christina is here and has a joy for life that makes me wish I could give her the sunshine award too. Kay’s blog is here and she’s a legal secretary who loves to write. Which is awesome. So is the name of her blog “suddenly they all died. the end”. Kina is over here, where she’s busting out some pretty personal words.
  • Athena also tagged me. Her blog is up there. 

Thank you to all of you who gave me an award, a ribbon, or tagged me! You guys are awesome and it makes me feel great to know that I’m coming across in a positive manner! I’m not very good at thank yous but it means a lot. Remember that whole not being able to articulate what I feel all that well? Yeah, so this is about all I’ve got… thank you! 😉

Here we go….

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[Blog Awards]

Inspiring and Lovely

I have been inspired by loads of people and I find that each person that does so is normally oblivious of just how inspiring they really are. I mean, here they are, bringing something to my mind that I possibly wouldn’t have been inspired to think, decide, contemplate on (etc.) otherwise – and they’re going on like I’m not sitting here with a light bulb on top of my head.

About a week and a  half ago I was awarded with the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Now I wish I had stickers of the award so I could go back and  post it on the foreheads of those who have inspired me. That way they would know that it meant something to me. 🙂

So, I’d like to thank everyone that has inspired me! Whether it be in person, or by something they wrote or did. Whatever the case, a major thank you!

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[Blog Awards]

One Lovely Blog Award

Last Friday I was given the One Lovely Blog Award. All I have to say is this…


Moving past that tangent, I would like to give an ENORMOUS thank you the lovely lady who nominated me! I love reading her blog posts. She truly brings to my realization just how much of a blessing life is, in and of itself.

And now, without any further adieu, here’s what I’m to do…


My Nominator:


This is one majorly inspiring woman. Life has dealt her some pretty heavy stuff – yet she finds life as an amazing experience and always has something positive to say. Also, she has tons of amazing quotes in almost every single post.

The Rules:

  • Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award on your blog.
  • Give 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 9 other blogs.
  • Let your 9 nominees know by posting a comment on their blog somewhere.

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