Stream of Consciousness

like a cat

i need a nap.

a break from the to-do-lists and never ending laundry. from dishes and cooking every meal and waking up all night long.

a break from emotional exhaustion and the world that tells me to suck it up and pretend i feel great.

from the constant pressure to have it all figured out. from dressing professionally and cleaning everything up again and again and again and again and


i need a nap. to curl up in a warm corner filled with cushiony pillows and soft blankets, with plushies of wolves and dragons and foxes and a curtain to hide me away, to dull the sunlight that reminds me to get up and get moving.

far away from screaming responsibilities that don’t really matter, from fake smiles and mocking faces, jeering laughter when i fall down. from ‘supposed to’ and ‘should’.


today, i need a nap that will make tomorrow better.

so tomorrow can’t rob me of a nap today. can’t remind me of to-do-lists and dishes, cooking every meal and waking up all night long.

i need to learn to nap like a cat. not a worry in the world.

only me and what i need. tomorrow and all its lists, today and all its to-do’s, gone from my mind. only warmth and comfort and the hope that tomorrow i will learn to enjoy life. i will learn to live. so i can sleep at night.


Stream of Consciousness

Schedule You In

Have fun! 

Today, add something fun into your schedule.


Make it a priority. Make yourself a priority.

Life is to be enjoyed, not rat raced to death. Not miserable and soaking in “shoulds”.

You deserve to have fun.

Today, search something fun out and simply allow yourself to let go and enjoy the fact that you’re alive and can do something that brings you joy.