Stream of Consciousness

washing basin of another sort

there’s a reservoir i find deep inside

a pool of mirrors, turned malleable

i swim there

dip my toe

lie on my back


forgetting the



of time


i visit

but i can’t seem to stay

not yet



if i dip the slivers of my soul


just for the slightest

of breaths


they grow

the battered





with new strength

scar tissue proving

i can do this

and so can you


believe in magic

believe in you



Shadow Poetry · Stream of Consciousness

When I Leak

I’m slowly falling apart. From my seems to my mouth.

Pieces are falling off.

I’m a shambling, bleeding mess. Shuffling towards something I don’t know.

Am I wrong, for trying to feel?

The twine just weeps.

I want to let go of the pain. But it follows. Stalking me from the gallows.


There’s so much beauty. But I’m drowning in terror, in black claws, perforating my lungs, my tears, voice, eye lashes; only a hair’s breadth away.

I’ll make more of it than it really is. Then I’ll strip it away. The glass won’t break but the plastic is burning.



Who am I?

Sticky notes I can’t find. Pens keep running out of ink. Letters crumpled in the corner.

The warranty is soaking.

And my sorrow tastes like chocolate and popcorn. Something I can embrace.

Is it okay to be like this? The emptiness staring me mute.


The dust hid it. I lost the broom.

Can I keep the delusion?

It swells until it destroys the only purpose I had left.

The whispers can’t hear me. They keep creeping past, leaving the candles lit. Dropping postcards and love notes. But they never sign.

I know its new. But I can’t find the ticket. And the roof fell in.

Its waiting in the box but I can’t seem to take it out.

Nothing sturdy. It’ll shatter.


Sometimes the best thing to do is let go, come back tomorrow, and try again. It’s just, my clock broke and the sky is lying.

The spine is well worn. The pages are empty.

I won’t stay if this keeps up. I’ve only got so much pulse.

It’s not really numbing. You’ll regret that.

The tendrils slip right in, rip it all out.


By Daphne Shadows


Stream of Consciousness


Right now? Staying with here, now, this moment?

This dizzying wave of noise blasting through a protective layer of music in peaks and bossy valleys – life isn’t really all that glamorous.

There is nothing fancy about who I am or what or where I come from.

Am I complicated? Oh so very much. Quite so. I am layer after layer of pain masqueraded behind plastic lips and lying eyes. And don’t tell me that eyes give people away. Sure, they can. But eyes can lie.

And what happens when you get lost in the lies of those pretty eyes.

You burn.

You get dragged in, inch by inch until all you have left is a memory of your soul. Perhaps an ember or two.


-Nov. 22 2015


Fun Stuff/ Research

5 things You’ll Never Need to Know about Bloodsuckers (or a melon)

I love research. Research finds me in the strangest (and sometimes mentally disturbing) places, learning the most demented oddest things. Sometimes they just stick with me until I look them up again.

(I mostly write it all down now so I don’t go insane trying to find it.)

Point being, there are some very strange myths and lore centered around the ever prevalent vampire.

And since sharing is caring…

(minus diseases, blame, and pain)



Vampires were not always considered nighttime creatures. Seventeenth and eighteenth century vampiric lore found vampires to be daytime roamers. Specifically early morning and late evening. Most commonly however, the cruelest of intentions were carried out during the darkest hours of night.

It wasn’t until later that books and movies glorified the evil night dwelling vamps, which of course caught like wildfire.

I mean come on, you hear about a vampire that can come out in the daytime these days and people are blowing it off like the proverbial pink kitten at the biker bar. Why wouldn’t it scare people more if vampires could come out and play hangman with them at all times of day and night? The nighttime thing feels like a product of poor plotting and easily killed antagonists.

And yet I’ll probably use it. 😉


If my eyes looked like this, I'd want to be able to see my reflection.
If my eyes looked like this, I’d want to be able to see my reflection.



Bram Stoker invented the theory that vampires have no shadow. He also took the no reflections bit and blew it up in “Dracula”, causing it to become traditional vampire mythology.

The reasoning behind both of these failings, is the lack of a soul. Thusly, the vampire couldn’t have a shadow or reflection as their soul was no longer intact, leaving them empty and lifeless. So to say.



In Chinese, Slavic, and Russian lore (among other countries), it was believed that if an animal or person jumped over a corpse, it could cause the corpse to come back as a vampire. Cats and dogs were the most feared in this situation. The Chinese particularly feared the tiger. The Romanians, a black hen.

There’s a lot of lore on how a corpse becomes a vampire and a lot of it involves a person or animal disturbing a corpse, turning it against the natural order of things and damning it to raise. Kinda freaky to think they believe becoming a vampire could be so completely out of your control. Makes me wonder why more people didn’t decide on cremation back then. How could you get more vulnerable than corpse?




In Yugoslavia’s lore, gypsies believed that melons, specifically watermelons, could turn into vampires if they were left out for ten days straight or too long after Christmas. These vampire watermelons were stained with blood, rolled around annoying people, and growled.

I will never look at a watermelon the same way again.



Some Arabians believed an aluga could possibly be the demon king of all vampires, tracing its origins from the book of Proverbs in the bible.

There’s actually a lot of tie in between demons, witches, and vampires throughout history. Oh – and werewolves. I only left them out of the list as more than half of old lore considered werewolves and vampires to be the same thing, as the vampire could transform into a wolf at will, or out of necessity.

But that’s another topic completely. (Interested?)


Careful. They bite.
Careful. They bite.



I often follow one theory, myth, or legend to another. Say I want to research cannibalism. I might end up learning about tulips riding chimpanzees in the wild forests after Armageddon. Not really, but you get my point.

So how did I get from daytime vampires to vampiric watermelons?

I don’t remember. I just know I was researching the reasoning behind the no-soul-having-vampire theory. It ends up in my novel.

All in all – I’m curious. Getting lost proves fun.


Any random questions about vampire lore?