Stream of Consciousness

Do Something Thankful

I love Thanksgiving.

It’s a beautiful time of year. People are focusing on what they’re grateful for. Who they’re thankful for. Looking at their life and illuminating all they take for granted.

It ties for first place with Halloween for me.

If you know me, that’s saying something big.



This Thanksgiving I’d like to challenge you to find someone to do something loving for. Pick one person. Pick twenty people and/or animals! And be genuine.

Do something kind. It doesn’t need to be anything big. Only honest and meaningful.


I checked it out on Snopes, and this is a real deal.

There’s this boy who loves Christmas and probably won’t live to see it this year. His name is Jacob and he also loves penguins. His family has asked for Christmas cards.


Here is his address:

Jacob Thompson

C/O Maine Medical Center

22 Bramhall St

Portland, ME 04102


For an original post, go here:

For the Snopes post, go here:



Anywho, send him some love. What a beautiful smile he has.

What a genuine request.

I am thankful for amazing people like Jacob who know they’re about to die and still smile for real. Still find joy in little things.

This post is for Jacob and all the beautiful souls like him.


If you have any great causes, big or small, comment below. We can all share the love. 🙂

Stream of Consciousness

The Simple Beauty of an Apple

Why is it that we skip over the simple beauty that is everywhere and instead, focus on the big ugly issues of our life?


It’s not as if we’re working on fixing them by obsessing over them and soaking ourselves in the negativity of our woes all the time. They won’t go away if we don’t give our thoughts over to them twenty-four-seven.

Granted, you shouldn’t ignore negative things. You cannot ignore the bad, it will only fester, get worse, build and spoil you and your relations.

You need to work on them. Focus on making it better, fixing it, working through it, or if you have no other option, simply get through it.

Make a goal of it.

But don’t stew in the upset, don’t stew in the misery. Don’t focus on all the wrong that’s happened or been done. That helps no one, especially you. Accept that it’s happened and it’s wrong and start working toward fixing it.





Why not focus on some of the simple beauty, or not so simple beauty, in our lives? We don’t do that as often.

We tend to take for granted the beauty. We see it so often that we become numb to it and no longer really “see” it.

The drive to work or to take the kids to school – does it showcase a beautiful sunset? A field full of flowers? Grand trees that stretch to the sky, embracing endless possibilities?

Beauty isn’t only physical.

What about people in your life who are beautiful because they love you, despite your flaws? Do you see the beauty in the people around you who love you and show it, prove it on a daily basis?  The little things people do because they know it will make you happy.

Beauty isn’t only tangible.

That moment where you wake up and everything is quiet. The small knowledge that the sun will rise, the moon will greet you at night. There’s a beauty to this. There’s a beauty to feeling peaceful, a moment or a time where you feel calm, regardless of your circumstances.


Are we grateful? Do we focus on the things we love, the beauty, the good in our world – as often as we focus on the negative? As often as we nitpick ourselves and others, think on how life could be so much grander if someone in our past hadn’t done this or that. Do you take time to think on the good in your lives that often and with such fervor?

I hope so.

I know I don’t. But I’m aware of it now and working on it.

It’s so much easier to be grateful for what we do have, who is kind to us, what we have succeeded at if we are aware of the beauty surrounding us, inside us, and affecting us.




Being grateful is appreciating kindness in our life. Doesn’t it then follow that being grateful is appreciating the beauty?

I woke up in the morning sometime last week and was lucky enough to have the house to myself for a solid hour. If you know me, this is amazing, an awesome morning. Not that I don’t love my family but I am one of those people who honestly needs time to herself, alone, on a regular basis.

I picked up an apple to cut for breakfast and it just kind of struck me how aesthetically pleasing an apple of that color with that shape stem, is to me. Yes, dorky, I know, but get over it. In other words, I thought it held a certain beauty. It reminded me of how I don’t take time to look at, think about, or appreciate the little things that are positive in my life. And I want to start doing that more often.

What if I tried, every week, to find something simple, something that just makes me smile. Not ecstatic or over the moon, but makes me happy, content in that moment? Or something, like the apple, that reminds me of all the beauty around me that I take for granted.

Heaven knows I focus enough on my failings. Why not seek out something good, instead? About me, about my personal world, something positive that makes my days a little bit more lovable.


Like they say, count your blessings.

Trust me, you have them.

With all the crap I’ve gone through and am going through, I know I have a lot to be grateful for.

A. L.O.T.

I think I should give the positive just as much, or more, attention in my mind and heart as I do the negative.

The beauty is there. All I need to do is open my psychotic little mind up and look for it.